SFCTA Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting


Items of Note:

9. Adopt a Motion of Support for Approval of the Strategic Analysis Report on Local and Regional Bike Sharing Organizational Models – ACTION* attachment   enclosure

At the September 10, 2013 meeting of the Transportation Authority Board, Chair Avalos requested that we initiate a strategic analysis report (SAR) to investigate possible governance structures of a regional bike sharing program beyond the current Bay Area Bike Share pilot, which opened to the public on August 29, 2013. In November, the Transportation Authority Board approved the scope of work for the SAR. The purpose of this study is to examine the strengths and tradeoffs of various organizational models for the expansion of bike sharing in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area region so that San Francisco can best achieve its goals for this emerging mode of transportation. As called for in the Transportation Authority’s adopted procedures governing the development of SARs, we first brought the draft SAR to the March 18, 2014 meeting of the Plans and Programs Committee where Chair Avalos sits as an ex-officio member and are now bringing the final SAR through the standard Board process for approval. Since November 2013, we have conducted numerous interviews with practitioners, local stakeholders, and other researchers and have received a number of comments since the March release of the initial draft SAR. At the same time, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District conducted planning and outreach to guide the next phase of the Bay Area Bike Share pilot, culminating with the release of a proposed expansion plan in April 2014. The regional proposal was informed by, and is mostly consistent with, the findings of this SAR. We are seeking a motion of support for approval of the SAR on Local and Regional Bike Sharing Organizational Models.


SFCTA Board Plans and Programs Committee Meeting

Agenda. Items of Note: 8. Recommend Adoption of the 19th Avenue Transit Study Final Report – ACTION* attachment   enclosure The 19th Avenue Transit Study (Study) builds on recent planning efforts to develop plans for a west-side grade-separated (i.e. partial subway or bridge crossings of 19th Avenue) alignment of the M-Ocean View as it traverses the neighborhoods surrounding […]

It’s Coming: MTC Approves 10-Fold Expansion of Bay Area Bike Share

On Wednesday morning the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) approved contract terms with Motivate International to expand the Bay Area Bike Share system from 700 bikes to more than 7,000 bikes by November 2017. When the expansion wraps up, the Bay Area’s system is expected to be the second-largest in North America, after Citi Bike in New York City. In addition […]

Clipper Card Upgrade Could Bring Seamless Regional Travel, Or Not

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission will soon renew its contract for Clipper, the Bay Area’s “all-in-one transit card.” Transit advocates are urging MTC to use the opportunity to create a more seamless fare system, and remove barriers that could allow Clipper payments on both the region’s transit agencies and “first-and-last-mile” trip services. Transit riders can currently […]