Today’s Headlines

  • Got Something to Ask the Mayor? Ed Lee Takes Questions on KQED Forum at 10 a.m.
  • Driver Crashes Into Bus Shelter at Mission and Silver; Pedestrian and Driver Hospitalized (ABCSFGate)
  • SFPD Car Chase After Robbery Suspects Ends in Wreck at Lincoln and 20th Ave (ABC)
  • Checking in on How Two of SF’s Pedestrian Crash Victims Are Recovering (SFGate)
  • SF Chronicle: Sunday Parking Meters Were a “Hazing of Vehicle Owners in a Crowded City”
  • Compared to Other U.S. Cities, Biking in SF Looks Good, According to Benchmarking Report (SF Weekly)
  • SF Chronicle‘s Carl Nolte: A Little Manhattanization Is “Not So Bad”
  • U-Haul Truck Driver Arrested After Hitting SFFD Fire Truck, Attempting to Flee (SF Examiner)
  • Atherton Challenges Caltrain Electrification EIR With Complaint Letter (Almanac)

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  • jonobate

    Atherton should be ashamed of themselves. In their fight against high-speed rail, they are now trying to sabotage vital Caltrain upgrades that were planned long before HSR was a realistic prospect. The original Caltrain Electrification Draft EIR was published in 2004, and the document released earlier this year is a “revised” version of that document.

    Of course, the only reason Atherton can leverage CEQA delay the project is because the residents of that town have obscene amounts of money with which to file lawsuits. It’s a wholly inequitable and anti-democratic situation in dire need of reform.

  • ✧ Really pathetic how the Chron editors adopt the screaming-first/accuracy-last narrative of ENUF, but not as pathetic as the city folding under the same idiocy.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    Atherton should be ashamed of themselves.

    Why? Because you personally like throwing $1.5 billion at Caltrain? (In return for which they promise … exactly nothing! Not improved service, not lower operating costs … nothing! Check out the DEIR and see if you can spot any actual environmental benefit which could possibly justify Caltrain’s out-of-control costs. I’m serious.)

    You might not like the fact that environmental review exists, but it’s there for a (fig-leaf) reason, and you sure as hell will be crying NIMBY NIMBY the next time something you don’t approve of comes along in your neck of the woods.

    As for Atherton, of course they’re objecting. Caltrain, and especially HSR, offer nothing except downsides to them … and, frankly and sadly, not to any other city along the peninsula. (The others just aren’t paying attention.)

    But don’t worry! The way “environmental review” works, in practice, is that the highly trained professionals who wrote and have already determined the outcome of the process will “respond”. That’s all they have to do. Try it! It’s fun! I’ve spent hundreds of hours doing it! There’s nothing so rewarding as to get back the “Responses to Comments” section of the FEIR with “Comment acknowledged” to let you know that Democracy is Working Exactly as Intended. So you have nothing to fear from Atherton. Caltrain will get their billion, and you’ll pay for them to build it and you’ll continue to pay for them to run worse than crappy service, but with electric wires over the track.

    But most of all, be careful with your “leverage CEQA delay” talk, because it’s strip mall developers, exurban valley subdividers, and freeway builders who just love love love love love to have “environmentalists” of your ilk greasing the skids for them. Mmmmm baby flavored bathwater!

  • jonobate

    The benefit of electrification is increased speed for local trains, and increased trains per hour. Yes, I know the timetables in which this is demonstrated are marked “preliminary”. Yes, Caltrain should firm up their post-electrification timetable and do a better job of selling the benefits of electrification. No, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to support it.

    Yes, the costs for electrification are more than they should be. No, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to support it, given that the cost of doing *anything* in the United States is higher than it should be, for reasons that are in no way specific to transit.

    Comments on the DEIR by themselves are indeed unlikely to get you anywhere, which is why Atherton’s standard tactic is to file lawsuits. Atherton tied up HSR for years by filing CEQA lawsuits, and Caltrain is surely aware of this. This is why I say that CEQA is inequitable – as the primary enforcement method is through the courts, your complaints are only worth anything if you have the money to back them up. I don’t think saying that equates to “greasing the skids” for “strip mall developers, exurban valley subdividers, and freeway builders”.

    Still, glad to see you’re defending the interests of Atherton, one of the wealthiest places in the United States, over the interests of the people who ride Caltrain every day. Way to stick it to the man!

  • Kevin J

    I see a theme to it all: car owners are the only people who matter “Turning Sunday into another cash-producing day irritates everyone, resident and visitor alike.”

    Did you hear that? EVERYONE. Does that apply to Muni riders. No, because we’re in the MOST ANTI-TRANSIT city I’ve ever lived and I have to pay my fair on Sunday so drivers don’t have to pay tickets when they park illegally.

    Why not just eliminate Muni if it’s just going to be an expensive joke?

  • Jamison Wieser

    I thought that *was* an editorial from ENUF… then I noticed there was no byline at the end.