Today’s Headlines

  • Planned Warriors Arena Site Moved to Mission Bay (SF Weekly, SF Examiner, SFGate, SFBG)
  • On KQED Forum, Mayor Lee Sticks to His Talking Points on Muni, Sunday Meters, Ped Safety (SFist)
  • SFPD Chief Greg Suhr Talks Pedestrian Safety on KCBS In-Depth
  • Driver Who Crashed Into Woman at Bus Stop Arrested for DUI, Suspended License (ABCSF Appeal)
  • New Parklet Occupying Three Angled Parking Spaces Opens on Outer Balboa Street (Richmond SF)
  • DPW Starts “Road Micro-Surfacing” on 400 Streets (SF Examiner)
  • Families Hopping on Two Wheels for Bike to School Week  (SFGateSFBC)
  • Despite Increase, SFMTA’s Budget Still Falls Short on Bicycling Funding (SFGate)
  • “Sweet Ride” Exhibit Encourages SF State Students to Bike to School (GG Xpress)
  • Muni Diaries Live” Story: What Happened When a 38 Driver Plowed Into a Car Driver Who Cut Him Off
  • 49ers Fans Protest New BART Trains’ Seat Colors Because They’re Too “Seahawks-Esque” (SFist)
  • Two “Juveniles” Killed in Highway 85 Car Crash in Cupertino (CBS)

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  • Are sports fans missing the point? We need to get people on the new trains and out of their cars to ever have a chance on global warming. People are too distracted by sports and need to learn about real issues.

  • Bruce Halperin

    The Warriors move is disappointing. Instead of having something truly special, now they will be building just another arena.

    Not to mention the parking garage and nearby freeway ramps will only encourage most fans to drive, whereas the vast majority would walk, bike, or take transit to Piers 30/32.

  • murphstahoe

    not to mention this sort of puts a damper on the question of “tear back 280”

  • In terms of transportation, the other site for the Warriors stadium was 10 times better. The other location was .75 miles from the Embarcadero Bart station, a 15 minute walk. This site cannot be called within walking distance of BART at all. Anyone from the East Bay who arrives by BART will have a 5 minute walk to a Central Subway station, a 4-8 minute wait, and then a ten minute ride to the new arena (most of the distance will be above ground, in traffic.) Coming back, the odds of 15-20 minute wait times for the T to handle the crowds are high. In addition, not only will Bay Area taxpayers be subsidizing every Warrior fan trip to the arena by BART, San Francisco taxpayers will be subsidizing by at least $2 every Warrior fan who completes their journey on Muni. (Muni has only a 22% farebox recovery ratio, lower for light rail lines.) I would much rather subsidize public transportation than have someone drive, but I’d rather attendees walk than have to subsidize them if possible.

  • murphstahoe

    sports fans or sports owners?

    Realize this – it was not the sports fans who pushed back on the waterfront site…

  • The Chronicle is reporting the new subway will go straight to the stadium. Is this correct? Does Muni rail go near the site?

    I agree with you on subsidies. Don’t communities usually lose out when helping sports teams and owners in general with stadiums or otherwise?

  • The Central “subway” will have three underground stops–Chinatown, Union Square, and 4th and Folsom. It then will come above ground at Bryant and then stop at 4th and Brannan, 4th and King, Mission Rock and then Mission Bay. The Mission Bay stop indeed appears to be right in front of where the new stadium will be located. But to call it a “subway” when just two stops out of six the hapless Warrior fan will traverse will be underground is highly misleading. The 4th and Townsend intersection is a complete mess to get through during commute hours, much less during a Giant’s game so I really don’t see this being a zippy, speedy ride. (Perhaps this will impel the SFMTA to redesign the whole mess into some sort of sanity?)

    Streetsblog commenters have covered in depth the poor connection between BART and the Union Square station that will require a five minute walk/escalator ride. I imagine getting there will be manageable, but leaving after a game will be miserable.

    This stadium will require no upfront subsides by the public, just ongoing Muni subsidies and probably the cannibalization of other Muni lines, degrading the rest of the Muni’s performance.

  • Thank you and all Streetsblog readers for being so thorough and thoughtful on Bay Area transportation!

  • It just occurred to me your comment is regarding the complaints about the new colors of BART upholstery. Since BART does not go anywhere near Santa Clara, the new home of the 49ers, I don’t see how this team’s fans’ aversions to certain colors are even a teensy bit relevant to BART interiors. (I also don’t see how a team based in Santa Clara can be called the 49ers, but that’s a different issue.)

  • It is all pretty silly, thank you and have a good afternoon. Thank you for the info on Mission Bay and the impact of sports on transit.

  • Jamison Wieser

    At Pier 30-32 it would a short walk from BART, several ferry lines, and the Muni Metro lines which do not extend further than Embarcadero. Plus Muni could run three-car shuttle trains from Embarcadero and Caltrain, but not along Third Street because the surface and Central Subway stations are physically limited to two-cars.

    Once Mission Bay Drive and 16th are closed, the only east-west crossing will be an underground, blind intersection.

  • Greg

    The other site for the stadium was in the bay. Is being closer to BART the only consideration?

  • Given that the Warriors fan base is pretty heavily East Bay at the moment, I think proximity to BART should have been a prime consideration. I thought the renderings for the Pier 30-32 site looked great, and I’m not even a basketball fan. I do see how a site that isn’t heavily vulnerable to byzantine San Francisco politics and possible voter referendums was more appealing to the owners in the short run.

  • Jamison Wieser

    I don’t entirely agree with the way Karen Lynn Allen describes it her reply.

    Yes, there is a new subway line which will connect the Warriors stadium both the 5 Muni Lines and 4 BART lines currently running through the Market Street Subway, but like she originally wrote the real problem is at Pier 30-32 that’s a 15 minute walk (not much longer than a walk from the edge of a parking park) eliminating any need for a transfer for most people, but now you’ll face a 30+ minute walk if you don’t transfer.

    This map shows the two locations and the routes to the closest Muni Metro/BART Stations along the Market Street Subway.

  • Bluehale

    Plus since a good chunk of the Warriors base in the East Bay, it would make more sense for them to make the BART-MUNI transfer at Embarcadero rather than ride down to Powell and walk 5 minutes to Union Square.

  • Als

    This entire set of comments reminds me of the guy who didn’t want any changes in San Francisco – ever (was it parking or bike lanes -I can’t remember).

    Why aren’t we having a discussion about changing the MUNI to deal with the new stadium – things like shutting down the streets so the T line can run express service to the Embarcadero BART? Or parking lots at the south end of the T line with express service running durring events. MUNI has years to figure out how to move the crowd.

    I think the new location is far better than Pier 30/32. If the only problem is mass transit why don’t we expect the MUNI to change and adapt?

    Realize this facility is about a lot more than sports. It should become (should) a major entertainment & convention facility – many many many days of use.

  • Bluehale

    It’s not practical to shut down the streets around 4th and Townsend especially since the 280 on ramp starts right there. Plus the improvements you describe (express service on the T line) would require a lot of new infrastructure (passing tracks, priority signaling) which would require a lot of money and in some places would practically impossible.

  • jd_x

    Do they have to do an EIR for this project? Of course, that usually just means they’ll say they need wider roads. But seriously: why the hell do we have to spend years debating the environmental impact of adding some bike lanes when a project like this which will clearly increase car traffic enormously can even be proposed? I’ll say it again: transit-first my ass. I’m really sick of this tired 20th-century, car-centric thinking. The last thing we need is another sports arena designed almost solely for cars dropped into SF.

  • Amanda Clark

    All of this discussion about the new Warriors arena just highlights to me how silly it is to move them in the first place-they have a perfectly fine arena already, that has stellar access to both a highway and public transit.

  • murphstahoe

    Once the Central Subway opens, the T-Third won’t go to Embarcadero. The N-Judah will go through Embarcadero but terminate at Caltrain, as it does now.

  • murphstahoe

    ” things like shutting down the streets so the T line can run express service to the Embarcadero BART?”

    It may seem like eons away, but the T will not run down KIng Street to Embarcadero starting in 2019.

  • Bluehale

    Unfortunately the No Development or the build it there, no not there, not there either crowd was going to sink the original site or at least make it a herculean effort to get the stadium through.

    Honestly since they aren’t going to build on the waterfront anymore what’s the point of moving away from Oakland. Jean Quan is likely not to be mayor after November and the Oakland site is better accessible by public transportation.

    Plus those crowing that the new Warriors arena site is going to be just as accessible to public transportation as AT&T park forget the fact that Caltrain and the 30/45 stops literally a block away from AT&T park.

    The only good thing transportation wise about the new site is the city might finally get off their rear ends and find a way to improve the T line and get the 22 down to Mission Bay…which they should have done years ago instead of talking about it to death.

  • EastBayer

    Why are we building a new Warriors arena again? Wouldn’t housing be a much better use of land?