Forum: The Google Bus / Mountain View Connection – Housing Affordability and Transit

From Peninsula Transportation Alternatives:

Express buses connecting San Francisco to Silicon Valley have taken heat for being the cause of rapidly rising housing prices and displacement. But the “Google Bus” didn’t cause the problems. The underlying problems are a major shortage of housing, challenges with affordability and displacement, and a public transit system that needs improvement.

On June 16, at 6:30pm, come take a look at the big picture of the housing and transit challenges behind the Google bus controversy, and how Mountain View can help address the problems on this side of the route. Egon Terplan of SPUR will be presenting an analysis on how to restore housing affordability in Mountain View, building on the analysis SPUR conducted for San Francisco. Adina Levin of Friends of Caltrain will opportunities to improve the public transit system.

Co-sponsors include Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning, SPUR, Friends of Caltrain, Peninsula Interfaith Action, Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, and others.


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