Avalos “Disgruntled” Over Paying for His City Hall Parking Perk [Updated]

Update: Avalos said on Twitter that his email was meant as a joke.

Supervisor John Avalos sent out an email today complaining about the $173 he pays monthly for a reserved parking spot in front of City Hall. That’s even though he pays less than half the $395 going price for a reserved parking spot at the Civic Center garage. The $173 fee is apparently set to offset the cost of lost revenue from the meter occupied by a reserved spot.

Supervisor John Avalos. Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr

Responding to a notice sent by City Hall’s building services manager to the Board of Supervisors about the annual parking fee agreement, Avalos said the fee “is totally messed up and makes no sense policy-wise,” since parking used to be a free perk for supes. Avalos’ email was sent to all supervisors, their staff, and SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin.

Dear Government Overlords:

The City Hall parking fee for elected officials is totally messed up and makes no sense policy-wise. For years the policy was a parking space for elected officials as part of holding office. What’s next? Will we be paying rent for our offices at City Hall?

I don’t drive every day, but often I don’t have much of a choice as I have to be in multiple places, often mixing work with driving my kids around, over the course of the day. When I go on errands with my car, I pay for parking meters and garages and even pay for tickets and towing when I mess up, so I am not getting special privileges beyond what comes with holding elective office and being very busy with my family and service to the city.

Disgruntled Supervisor

It would be disappointing to hear Avalos divulge such a retrograde stance about his personal parking spot, particularly since he’s one of the only elected officials in recent years to have supported Sunday parking meters. In 2009, he also supported installing parking meters in Golden Gate Park, and as he noted in his email, Avalos is known for sometimes walking, biking, and taking Muni to work. He even campaigned for mayor on a strongly pro-bike platform, has pushed for better Muni service for low-income riders, and wrote the ordinance requiring secure bike parking in downtown office buildings.

On the other hand, Avalos also introduced the SFMTA meter contract amendment that hamstrung the agency’s ability to install new meters over the next five years.

  • Jim

    Gee, how’s that sense of entitlement coming along?

  • LHT

    And that’s why you need to count to 10 before hitting send….otherwise, you’ll sound like an entitled douche.

  • penguin42

    $173 x 11 supervisors = $1,903 per month. Is the city really that strapped for cash? Would giving 11 elected officials a parking perk really amount to a “retrograde policy stance”? Would it have any impact at all on transit in the city? In other words, slow news day for streetsblogsf?

  • OK, the “Government Overlords” is a little jokey, but the rest of it reads like an actual complaint to me. Avalos doesn’t have the satirical skills of The Onion, I guess is one thing we’ve learned from this.

  • Free parking isn’t free

    Doubly pathetic of Avalos to follow up his entitled email by trying to pawn it off as a joke. This is the best of the city’s political class? Yikes.

  • njudah

    as we’ve all later found out this is a joke, albeit a poorly written one. Not a shocker – if you read his campaign email newsletters ,the writing there is really bad.

  • murphstahoe

    Presumably Avalos also gets to pay for this perk with pre-tax dollars. The proper move by the City is to increase Avalos’ salary by 100 bucks, then charge him for parking which he pays for with pre-tax dollars, thus transfering money from the feds to SF.

  • At the root of every joke is a kernel of truth…

  • p_chazz

    If you believed him when he said it was a joke then I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you…

  • p_chazz

    Avalos IS a government overlord…or a wannabe overlord at any rate.

  • Sometimes you want to count to 100 before hitting publish 😉

  • How much? I’m interested.

  • Jamison Wieser

    x every city employee who is no less deserving of free parking.

  • Jesse

    “Just kidding, kidding just kidding, kidding, but don’t charge me, kidding, just kidding, kidding (don’t charge)”

  • Can we have a moratorium on the e-word? It’s overused, and vague to the point of meaninglessness. Consult a thesaurus to express more cogent thoughts.

  • The first step to making a joke: having a sense of humor.

  • 94103er

    Even worse is the term ‘self-entitled.’ By putting a ‘self-‘ prefix on that word someone is actually implying that the ‘self-entitled xyz’ has in fact given himself the title of ‘xyz.’ Does not make a lick of sense.

  • alex

    Mr Avalos, just block the sidewalk in protest with your car. Your district does this just because they can’t find a parking spot due to the illegal inlaws and 5 cars per household.

  • Sanfordia113

    $395x11x12=$52,140… enough to pay the salary of a new teacher.


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