Today’s Headlines

  • SFFD, Safe Streets Advocates Come to Compromise Over Street Widths in Candlestick Point (Exam)
  • DUI Driver Veers Off Fifth Street Off-Ramp, Runs Over and Kills Sleeping Homeless Man (ABC)
  • Driver Distracted by GPS Crashes Head-On into Muni Bus on Laguna Honda, Injuring Four (ABC)
  • Driver Who Hit People, Muni Bus in Tenderloin and Fled on Foot Pleads Not Guilty (SFGate)
  • SFGate Blog Points Out Bay Area “Speed Traps” for Drivers
  • First Central Subway Drill Emerges From Excavation in North Beach (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Labor Contract Deadline Extended Until June 30 as Negotiations Continue (SF Examiner)
  • West Portal Station Briefly Closed Friday Due to Smoking Muni Train (CBS)
  • San Jose Officials Urge SAP Arena to Reduce Car Traffic but Give it Veto Power Over Parking (PTA)
  • Crashing Into Starbucks Apparently Not a Crime (Alamedan)
  • Contra Costa’s Out-of-Touch Transpo Director: $1.3B Hwy Widening “Attracts Businesses” (KTVU)
  • CA High-Speed Rail Funding Still Falls Far Short, Even With Cap-and-Trade (Business Times)

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  • Prinzrob

    Adding even more ridiculousness to the KTVU story on the Hwy 4 widening: With $1.3B spent there is still no bike route from North Concord to Pittsburg that doesn’t involve riding ON the highway shoulder. Even a simple, long-delayed connection between two halves of the Delta De Anza Trail connecting Antioch and Oakley under Hwy 4 is being constructed as part of a housing development, and not paid for by the state.

    Many other local streets and trails also dead-end at Hwy 4, destroying connectivity between communities with this impermeable barrier. There is currently a 4-mile stretch of Hwy 4 between Hillcrest Ave and Lone Tree Way with zero crossings. One would have to travel over 5 miles just to visit a friend less than 0.4 miles away on the other side of the freeway.

    No wonder traffic is a mess when absolutely no consideration is given to any modes other than cars on the freeway. Any bets on how long it will take before induced traffic from the widening project gets them right back to where they started? My money is on 4 years.

  • Prinzrob

    There is one bike/ped over-crossing proposed as part of the $1.3B Hwy 4 widening project, by the way. It is shown on the project website with a cost of $3.4M, listed as “Final design is underway. Construction funding for the project has not yet been identified.”

  • Jeffrey Baker

    What’s even worse is there’s literally nothing on CA-4 worth visiting. In the future it will be some kind of theme park of despair, where people go to wonder at they ways in which 20th-century American Jackass spent all his money.

  • coolbabybookworm

    With current housing prices in the Bay Area I imagine an auto dependent exurb will quickly be developed with comparatively cheap housing. A bay area inland empire of sorts. People will move there, crowd the highway, and then complain about the traffic. Plus cheaper housing ends up costing individuals and the community if it requires auto-depency. But we’re all excited for the auto-dependent jobs that the county thinks will come.

    It’s too bad that this type of development is being pursued to the point that it destroys connectivity in the area from one side of the freeway to the other, as Prinzrop pointed out.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Yes it’s a real shame. For the same money (probably less, actually), they could have built walkable transit villages all up and down the CA-4 corridor, holding significantly more people, in significantly less space, with train service to Richmond, Oakland, and San Jose.