Today’s Headlines

  • Transbay Transit Center to Open Without Rooftop Park Due to Cost Overruns (SFGate)
  • SFMTA Installs Electronic Bike Lockers in City-Owned Parking Garages (SFBay)
  • SFMTA Board Approves First 25 of 900 On-Street Car-Share Parking Spaces (SF Examiner)
  • New Club Lets Millionaires Double Park a Full Block of Battery Street for Valet (CBS)
  • CityLab: By One Measure, SFpark Doesn’t Necessarily Create Parking Availability
  • More on the Study of Lower Speed Limits Requested by Supervisor Eric Mar (CBS)
  • CA Senate Committee Approves Ride-Share Insurance Regulations (Biz); SF Cabbies Protest (NBC)
  • …Bill Was Supported Family of 6-Year-Old Sofia Liu, Killed by Uber Driver (ABC)
  • Two Occupants of Stolen Car Killed in Fiery Wreck During Bay Bridge Police Pursuit (ABC, CBS)
  • Muni Drivers Who Worked During Sickout to Receive Bonus Sometime in Next Year (SF Weekly)
  • Meno Park Appoints Bike/Ped Planner as Interim Transportation Manager (Almanac)

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  • Andy Chow

    The concept of those ride-share services is that the driver still own their car (and no one else drives it), and that they provide the service whenever they’re available. This is very different than the traditional taxi model where the same cab is driven by multiple drivers throughout the day. This makes it hard to justify 24 hour commercial coverage which is what the cabbies want.

  • Concept vs. reality. There are businesses that are setting up rent-to-drive cars for the ride-share services which will do much the same thing. Similar to what’s going on in the p2p apartment rental realm where some of the top listers in SF are hotel companies or new real estate consortiums.

  • gneiss

    Meanwhile, Supervisor Avalos wants to cut the annual street repaving budget by $20 million in to pay for his favorite nonprofit and other pet projects…

  • Daly’s right, the sky park was paraded around as a key part of the Transbay Center project. This is a classic bait-and-switch.

  • Andy Chow

    Not surprising. Some traditional car rental firms have thought about entering into this kind of business and TNC may be a method that they can enter. Rental car companies have large late model fleets and have their own maintenance departments. At the same time they hire a lot of people moving their cars around and transport people for free.

    I guess this new “sharing economy” trend is actually challenging the traditional land use based model where the space for commerce is separate from space for residence. With traditional businesses, physical location and appearance matter because of walk-in customers. With the new model, all the promotions, confirmations, and money exchanges are done online, and allow businesses to conduct without prominent signage and in areas that it is not planned for.

  • Andy Chow

    This is a 7 year construction project. When it got started in 2009/2010, the economy was bad and the construction companies were willing to make low bids to get the job. These days the housing market has rebounded particularly in SF so it is not surprising that the bids coming in for the remaining parts of the project to go above original estimate.

  • Andy Chow

    There’s going to be a trial for late night shuttle service from San Francisco to Oakland/Berkeley area this Saturday night:

  • Richard Mlynarik

    Lipstick on a pig.

    The $2 billion fraud CAN NEVER POSSIBLY FUNCTION AS WORKING RAIL TERMINAL, due to catastrophically stupid “design” (single escalators, cluttered platforms, wretched passenger circulation combined with the very worst possible train-versus-train congestion) from the “architects” and “engineers” (PTG, ARUP) who were only ever about the park lipstick on top of a totally non-functional and never-to-function transit pig.

    And once the lipstick is wiped off? Pure pig. Pure pork. Pure stink.

    Everybody in any way connected with the project — and especially those involved in the “architectural” “competition” — needs to be put up against a wall.

    This fiasco is two billion public dollars which have literally disappeared into a hole in the ground. San Francisco will NEVER have a functional downtown mainline rail station, due entirely to the professional malfeasance and fraudulent misrepresentation of the contractors and staff involved.

    It really is that bad.

  • Richard Mlynarik


    That’s purest bullshit.

    There are dozens of PRIVATE construction projects going up within blocks of the Transbay catastrophe.

    Guess what? They’re not decades late, several times over budget, they’re not all bait-and-switching on approved designs, and they actually have a snowball’s chance of FUNCTIONING as buildings, because people who knew and cared about function and costs were involved?

    Contrast with Transbay, the TJPA and their rent-seeking public-defrauding, unlimited-budget sleazebag consultants and “architects”, for whom all of function, cost, nor schedule are entirely besides the point. (That point being maximum expense, and perhaps if they play their cards well a chance to do it over again.)

    America’s Finest Transportation Planning Professionals!

  • murphstahoe

    Do we need any disclosure here?

  • Justin

    Its very disappointing to constantly see great transportation improvements and projects in San Francisco constantly watered-down for whatever reason especially with the new transbay transit center project, first the glass design and now what is supposed to be the crown jewel the park on top, c’mon. Already CA high speed rail plan is no longer the genuine plan it is, what more do we need to scale down. I’m starting to wish the SOM design was chosen, after all most of the public favored that design. All these projects should be done RIGHT the FIRST time!

  • IHeartPandas

    The double parking in front of the Battery has been a nuisance ever since the club opened. I don’t understand why they can’t just pay the SFMTA a fee to “rent” 4-5 parking spots in front of their entrance so that people can pull into those spots for the valet.

    Or maybe the Battery should eliminate its valet service and ask its members to take transit or bike or walk to the club….

  • Car storage is car storage, and takes up too much space. Shuffling the word “share” around doesn’t challenge anything worth challenging.

  • Let’s not forget the no-longer-rail-ready BRT slated for Geary, a rail corridor.