Today’s Headlines

  • With Vehicle License Fee Dropped, Supes Secure Some Funding for Vision Zero Projects (SFBC)
  • MonkeyParking App Founders Defy City Attorney’s Order to Stop Selling Street Parking (Exam, SFGate)
  • “ParkatMyHouse” App Legally Lets Private Parking Space Owners Rent Them Out (SF Weekly)
  • More SFMTA Hearings Scheduled for On-Street Car-Share Parking Spaces (Hoodline)
  • Streetsblog Founder Aaron Naparstek to Speak at SFBC‘s Golden Wheel Awards
  • SPUR Looks at the Ongoing Process of Replacing LOS as CA’s Transportation Planning Metric
  • SPUR Explains Roundabouts, Recommended for Skyline at Sloat in Its Ocean Beach Master Plan
  • Stanley Roberts Visits a Well-Known Bicycle Chop Shop in West SoMa
  • Marin County Bike Theft Ring Runner Arrested Holding 130 Bikes (Marin IJ)
  • Golden Gate Bridge District Expected to Approve $76M for Suicide Barrier (SFGate)
  • Distracted Driver Causes Big Rig Full of Ice Cream to Crash on 680 in Walnut Creek (KTVU)
  • CA DMV Prepares to Issue Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants (CoCo Times)

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  • DD

    Your second to last headline is pretty mixed up–the two links connect to entirely different stories! The ice cream truck (KTVU link) crashed on SR-4. The crash on I-680 (CBS link) was a truck full of dirt, and no cause is reported in the story.

  • LHT

    Re: MonkeyParking…Ed Lee, still think we should be giving away parking on Sundays? A lot of folks think that space is a lot more valuable than you do, and are willing to pay for it. His giving away Sunday parking is giving away city assets. I do not support MonkeyParking, but it does point out that our parking rates are way below market rates.

  • Joe Linton

    um… how about calling them “undocumented immigrants”?

  • SF_Abe

    It’s one thing when cars run over children, but WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE ICE CREAM?!

  • Agreed. Check e.g. the AP style guide; journalists should be using neutral terms and “illegal” is not one.

  • ¤ ParkAtMyHouse sounds like a redo of something called ParkCirca, which encouraged people to park “in driveways” as well. Their guidelines actually made claims that it was okay to park on the sidewalk if a certain amount was left open, but in fact state law is clear that 100% of the sidewalk is not for parking on. ParkAtMyHouse’s website offers no such guidance, but widespread ignorance that the driveway ends at the sidewalk will surely lead to sidewalk-parking (and, with any luck, tickets).

    Most of the driveways in the eastern half of the city are too short to park in without encroaching on the sidewalk. There are longer driveways in the western half of the city, but parking demand is not as high.

  • Anthony Eskinazi

    Hi Jym,

    ParkatmyHouse was launched a few years before ParkCirca.

    It doesn’t allow you to make money from the public highway.