Today’s Headlines

  • Ed Lee Strikes Again: Mayor’s Car Seen Parked in Crosswalk at Noriega and 46th Avenue (SFGate)
  • Lee’s Bus Stop Parking Incident Picked Up by SF WeeklySF Examiner
  • Lower Haight Couple Posts Flyers Protesting Two Car-Share Parking Spaces (Hoodline)
  • SFMTA Parking Control Officer “Going Rogue” With Tickets, Say Glen Park Car Owners (Examiner)
  • SFMTA’s Private Shuttle Regulation Pilot to Keep Mostly Existing Shared Muni Stops (Mission Local)
  • Tentative Muni Labor Agreement Gets Mixed Reaction From Union Members (KTVU)
  • Reminder: Highway 280 Will Be Closed in SF Tonight Until Monday (SFGate, ABC)
  • Golden Gate Transit Bus, Ferry Fares Increase 5 Percent (KTVU, CBS)
  • Woman on Highway 880 in Oakland Killed by Truck Driver (KTVU)
  • Father Hit by Hit-and-Run Driver on San Jose Expressway on Father’s Day Dies From Injuries (Mercury)
  • Levi’s Stadium Officials Run Test for Transit Management on Game Day (CBS)

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  • 94103er

    Good grief, what a piece of clickbait garbage is this latest nonsense from the Examiner. First of all, it’s Mission Terrace, not Glen Park. Second, the dude accusing a specific PCO of shenanigans has been living on an RPP block for FIVE YEARS and still doesn’t have a sticker–hmm, why do you suppose that is? Third, the PCO probably was handing him a ticket for moving his car within an RPP zone (which is against the law, it turns out). Problem is, I’m guessing this is a difficult violation to prove without a lot of extra work on the part of the officer, so hence the squirrelly behavior when she realized it wasn’t worth fighting about.

    In any case, truly shoddy, half-assed reporting from the Examiner.

  • timsmith

    Rubbish reporting on Kwong’s part — reminds me of the old Examiner before the ownership change.

    She’s usually better than that. Wonder if the Ex is going back to its clickbait ways.

  • Andy Chow

    On tomorrow’s Caltrain agenda is an item to approve an additional 25 cents on every paper ticket.

    This is the interesting part:

    “The analysis is consistent with the Board-adopted policies on Title VI of
    the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and finds that the proposed amendments to
    the Codified Tariff would result in no disparate impact on minority passengers. The changes to the Day Pass and youth fares would present no disproportionate burden for low income passengers, but the increase to the One-way paper ticket fare would disproportionately burden low-income populations when measured against the Caltrain Title VI policies. However, in recognition of the regional policy to increase Clipper usage, the fact that no less discriminatory alternative exists, and the proposed mitigation set forth in the attached Title VI Equity Analysis, staff recommends adoption of these changes to the Caltrain Codified Tariff.”

    I beg to defer. If increasing fares on paper ticket would disproportionately hurt the low income, then that proposal should be dropped. In these days when there are social equity issue when it comes to Google buses, this is also a social equity issue as well. People with well paid white collar jobs not only are not affected by this, but also enjoy maximum fare benefits by purchasing monthly passes, income tax deduction, and Go Passes, while those who are unbanked and underbanked are paying the highest fare for the same service. This plan, instead of reducing the gap, it widens it further. Currently only 6 stations where riders can put money onto Clipper cards, but none can issue new Clipper cards. On the other hand, all Muni Metro underground stations have ticket machines that can add money and issue new Clipper cards.

    Having the regional policy to increase Clipper usage is one thing, doing it at the expense of the low income riders is another.

  • murphstahoe
  • Richard Mlynarik

    Q: Is rent-seeking sole-source defense conreactor Cubic, Inc, making out like a bandit while reaming all of the transit agencies and taxpayers? (And especially fucking Caltrain passengers?)

    A: Yes!

    So, there is no problem! Capitalism is working as intended!

    And do feel free to “contribute your insights” to the “Clipper 2.0” “focus groups” or via our futuristic web form! The Transit Industrial Complex sincerely values the hours that can be billed for holding community hearings.