Today’s Headlines

  • Piece of Metal Falls Off Overhead Muni Wires, Hits Person at Third and Mission (SFGate)
  • Beer Truck Stuck on Hill Crest at California and Jones Last Week (SF Weekly)
  • More on Sup. Wiener’s Population-Based Muni Funding Ballot Measure (SFBG, SF Appeal)
  • Flywheel Taxi App Now Offers Pre-Booked Rides to the Airport (SF Examiner, SFGate)
  • SF Public Press Explains How it Raised $31,000 in a Kickstarter Campaign for Bike Delivery
  • New SoMa West Skate Park Neighbors Bugged by Late-Night Noise, Urination (M Local, KTVUSFGate)
  • Opening Bathrooms Still Not an Option for Upgrades at Powell BART Station (SF Weekly)
  • Mountain View Council Expected to Approve Google Agreement for Free Electric Public Shuttles (Merc)
  • 17-Year-Old Driver Seriously Injures 32-Year-Old Man on El Camino Real in Atherton (KTVU)
  • People Behaving Badly: Walnut Creek Drivers Ignore Pedestrians’ Right-of-Way in Crosswalks
  • CA Assemblymember Gatto’s “Yellow Alert” Bill Could Help Catch Hit-and-Run Drivers (NBC)
  • “Human” App Tracks Users’ Trips by All Modes of Transportation (GJEL)

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  • Elias Zamaria

    I have always wondered why the BART restrooms were permanently closed. I saw the signs on some of them saying it was for “heightened station security”, and I thought it was maybe a lie to cover up the fact that they couldn’t afford to clean them. I didn’t know the TSA had anything to do with it.

    This looks like security theater to me. I seriously can’t understand how 9/11 can be used as an excuse to keep restrooms locked for over 10 years. Somehow, I doubt that whatever they are protecting us against is as harmful as the risk of disease from urine and feces in the streets and escalators. Even if it is, can’t they just put a sign on the door saying that whoever walks into the restroom accepts responsibility for whatever bad things happen to them? I wonder if the TSA can be petitioned to change their policy, or if it will be this way forever.

  • 94110

    Everything the TSA does is security theater.

    It sounds like Linton Johnson is the correct person to contact about this. Information here:

    BART’s last official word on this seems to be here:

    The entire federal “color code” system has been retired, but BART still chooses to maintain George W Bush era security theater.

  • gary

    Stanley Roberts, Walnut Creek and peds right of way. It’s not ONLY Walnut Creek that has this big problem, SF is just as bad. But the big question is, again, where are the cops? all these “stings” they have once in ten years is less than useless, they have to do it daily with a huge fine, money talks.

  • Its a complete lie.

    Boston reopened all their subway restrooms within the past 3 years, and the new DC subway line includes restrooms at every stop.