Today’s Headlines

  • Woman Hospitalized by Driver at San Bruno Ave and Bacon Street in Portola (SF Examiner)
  • Nick Josefowitz a Serious Challenger to Veteran Republican BART Board Member James Fang (SFBG)
  • A Big Picture Look at the Bike Movement in SF and the Bay Area (Cal Alumni)
  • The Outside Lands Transportation and Parking Crunch Returns Once Again (CBS)
  • Proposed 9-Story Development Would Bring 123 Parking Spots to Market and Valencia (Hoodline)
  • Two Motorcyclists Die in Crash While Fleeing Gunfire in Bayview (SFGate, CBS)
  • Man Killed by Drivers While Running Across Carquinez Bridge on I-80 (CBSKTVU)
  • Seven Injured in Vallejo After Fire Truck Hits SUV, Rolls, Hits Multiple Cars (ABC, CBS, KTVU)
  • One Killed, Three Injured in Car in Petaluma After Pizza Oven Trailer Detaches (KTVU, ABC)
  • Driver Shortage Hitting Golden Gate Transit Riders Hard (Marin IJ)
  • Elderly Woman Killed in Santa Clara by Driver Backing Out of Driveway (CBS, SFGate)
  • A Motorcyclist’s Case for Lane-Splitting (SFGate)

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  • Prinzrob

    Frustrating that the Cal Alumni article cites a bunch of recent successes and plans that Bike East Bay (formerly East Bay Bicycle Coalition) was largely responsible for, but doesn’t provide any quotes from their staff members or even mention them in the article. No love for their home town bike coalition?

  • Gezellig

    GG Transit risks running a death spiral. What I don’t get is GGT seems to have no other notification other than official schedule, as they still have no real-time indicators, no texts, etc.

    This can be a really big deal as someone who rides a once-hourly bus. You just have to stand there waiting for 10-15 minutes hoping that it’s just late and not that you missed it (they’ll sometimes leave earlier than scheduled, too).

  • murphstahoe

    I think the closer you live to SF, the more people get upset about the service. When you are coming from Sonoma County, the bus is so superior to driving in time, cost, and hassle, that everyone seems very pleased with the service. The primary improvement would be more buses – not so much for frequency but because the buses are getting pretty crowded.

  • Gezellig

    Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I frequently use GGT to do the reverse SF -> Marin trek so I’m probably not the majority use case. It’s just strange from an SF perspective that with Muni and BART both having had real-time predictions for some time now GGT is still dragging its feet on this (though when I asked recently they claimed to be implementing it sometime this year).

  • Sean

    @murphstahoe:disqus You clearly have not taken route 80 to Sonoma before. It takes 3 hours and its one of the more expensive commuter buses on the West Coast. Then tack on hourly frequency and the casual rider takes 3.5 hours to get to Santa Rosa. Luckily the 101 is completely replacing it soon but that only shaves off about 20 minutes.

  • murphstahoe

    I have taken the 80 in a pinch but dismiss it as transportation. The 72 expresses from Rohnert Park to the bridge and kicks butt. There is a huge disparity in usefulness between the basic service and the commute services.

    Since I started riding it, they have expanded the 72, started the 101, added the 101X, and are now eliminating the 80 in return for more 101’s. They are following the cues of the ridership and this is good.

    I think if they ran hourly 101X (SF, Petaluma Depot, Cotati, RP, SR Transit, Piner) all day (including weekends) they would get solid ridership. Note that the 4 and 27 are now running all day in each direction.

    As for fares – if you pay with a Clipper card knock off 20 percent from your fare, if your Clipper is funded pre-tax knock off another 20-40%. You can get from Santa Rosa to SF – 60 miles – for the price of the bridge toll.