Today’s Headlines

  • Mayor Lee’s Lash at Supes Over Transit Funding Shows It’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (SFGate)
  • Mi’yana Gregory’s Great Grandmothers Disagree on Charges for Aunt Who Left Her in Crosswalk (ABC)
  • Cathedral Hill Neighbors Fight Proposed 262-Unit Tower With 262 Parking Spaces on Post (Curbed)
  • Some Uber Services Now Accessible Through United Airlines App at SFO (SF Examiner)
  • CHP Cracks Down on Tech Buses, Tour Buses Speeding on Peninsula Highways (PBB)
  • San Mateo Continues Planning for Highway 101 Ped/Bike Bridge at Hillsdale Blvd (SM Daily Journal)
  • Growing Redwood City Considers Development Fees to Fund Programs to Reduce Driving (PTA)
  • Atherton Adds Green Paint to Bike Lane Merging Zone on Middlefield Road (Almanac)
  • Street at Woodside School Gets Crosswalk Upgrades, Narrower Traffic Lanes, New Foot Path (Almanac)
  • Suspected Driver Arrested in San Jose Hit-and-Run That Killed Man Crossing Senter Road (KTVU)
  • Santa Clara Neighbor Says Dangerous Intersection Needs to Be Fixed By Adding Lanes (KRON)
  • Back to School: San Leandro Police Yell at Students for “Distracted Walking” (KTVU)

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  • murphstahoe

    Re: Santa Clara story.

    I use that Benton/Monroe intersection. Very strange – they aren’t exactly what I would call high speed arterials.

    Note that there is a bike lane on Monroe and the only way they could add turn pockets would be to remove them. It’s a key bikeway as the nearby parallel streets *are* higher speed.

    His assertion that the roadway needs to be widened/curved at the corner to make turns “easier” would just make them faster – which is counter to safety.

  • JJ94117

    Maybe if they’d just install “no left turn” signs… or perhaps 3-way lights with arrows where only one direction has a green and green arrow at a time. Then they would not have to widen the street.

  • 94103er

    Oh yay, don’t we all feel safer that tech buses with PROFESSIONAL drivers are being pulled over by the CHP for doing 7 miles/hr over the speed limit? While single-passenger, non-professionally-driven cars whizz past, cutting off other drivers, with drivers texting, eating, putting on makeup?

    The witch hunt continues on the Peninsula, it appears.

  • njudah

    He never was Mr Nice Guy when it comes to Muni. He never has given a hoot about Muni and its owner/riders, and never will. Maybe it’s time people woke up and didn’t vote for him in 2015 and sent someone else to Room 200 at City Hall who does?