Today’s Headlines

  • Pedestrian Critically Injured at Valencia and Duboce, Driver Stops on Market (KTVU, SFGate, M Local)
  • Cabbie Hospitalizes Man at Bay and Buchanan, Flees, Then Returns (KTVU, SFBayCBS)
  • SFMTA Plans Safety Fixes at Stockton and Sacramento, Where Pui Fong Yim Lee Was Killed (SFBay)
  • Union Square Merchants Complain Central Subway Construction is Hurting Business (SFGate)
  • Willie Brown Says Construction Has “Made it Impossible to Drive or Even Walk in Downtown” (SFGate)
  • Mayor Lee to Hire More Private Ambulances to Help SFFD Pick Up Slack on Response Times (SFGate)
  • SF Examiner Profiles SFMTA’s New Taxi Chief, Kate Toran
  • SFPD Arrests DUI Driver Who Passed Out While Texting, Stopped Car With Drugs and Guns on Fulton
  • Oakland Man, 66, Killed After Falling in Front of Pickup Truck While Unloading Vehicle (KTVU)
  • Caltrain Raises Paper Fares (ABC); Agency’s Directors Silent on Misuse of Money (NBC)
  • Stanley Roberts Find Drivers Ignoring Crossing Guards in Redwood City
  • Driverless Cars Will Make the Suburbs Fun Again (Biz); Electric Race Cars Will Go “Scary” Fast (CBS)

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  • 94110

    I found this interesting:

    Between that and the (mythical) Van Ness BRT construction, sounds like Van Ness will be impacted by construction for years.

  • Don’t Ever Change Ever

    The driverless car article has this gem: “I could sleep in my driverless car, or have an exercise bike in the back of the car to work out on the way to work.”

  • Mario Tanev

    An interesting tidbit in the Central Subway article. Every holiday season they reopen Stockton to cars (but not buses). This holiday season they plan to reopen it to pedestrians only. This is great news and I hope they really make it happen. This is precisely the time to experiment with this.

    “So Stockton Street is going to be back open?”
    “Open, but not for traffic. They’re going to make it a ‘winter walkway.’”

  • 94103er

    Gee, Ed, maybe growing a pair and making a real commitment to Vision Zero might result in fewer private ambulances needed in the future….just sayin’.

  • Chris J.

    Wouldn’t it also be cool if the energy from pedaling the bike helped propel the vehicle forward? Sounds like they’re on to something..