Today’s Headlines

  • Pedestrian Critically Injured at Valencia and Duboce, Driver Stops on Market (KTVU, SFGate, M Local)
  • Cabbie Hospitalizes Man at Bay and Buchanan, Flees, Then Returns (KTVU, SFBayCBS)
  • SFMTA Plans Safety Fixes at Stockton and Sacramento, Where Pui Fong Yim Lee Was Killed (SFBay)
  • Union Square Merchants Complain Central Subway Construction is Hurting Business (SFGate)
  • Willie Brown Says Construction Has “Made it Impossible to Drive or Even Walk in Downtown” (SFGate)
  • Mayor Lee to Hire More Private Ambulances to Help SFFD Pick Up Slack on Response Times (SFGate)
  • SF Examiner Profiles SFMTA’s New Taxi Chief, Kate Toran
  • SFPD Arrests DUI Driver Who Passed Out While Texting, Stopped Car With Drugs and Guns on Fulton
  • Oakland Man, 66, Killed After Falling in Front of Pickup Truck While Unloading Vehicle (KTVU)
  • Caltrain Raises Paper Fares (ABC); Agency’s Directors Silent on Misuse of Money (NBC)
  • Stanley Roberts Find Drivers Ignoring Crossing Guards in Redwood City
  • Driverless Cars Will Make the Suburbs Fun Again (Biz); Electric Race Cars Will Go “Scary” Fast (CBS)

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