Today’s Headlines

  • Golden Gate Bridge Ped/Bike Toll Narrowly Approved for Study (GM, Examiner, SFGate, SFBC, ABC)
  • One Car Occupant Dead, Three Injured in Solo Crash on Fifth Street Off-Ramp in SoMa (SFGate)
  • Muni’s 9-San Bruno Set to Get Bus Bulbs With Bike Lane Cut-Throughs (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Drivers Get More Bathrooms (SFBay); Old Buses Coming Out for Muni Heritage Weekend (SFGate)
  • More on Ped Safety Upgrades Coming to Two Blocks of McAllister Street in Civic Center (SFBay)
  • Mission Local Runs Into NACTO Planning Conference Goers on a Traffic Calming Tour in the Mission
  • After Threatening Punishiment for Prop B, Mayor Calls Apartment Association’s Attacks “Insane” (SFist)
  • Sup. Wiener Holds Hearing on Reducing Towing Fees for Car Theft Victims (SFBay)
  • Hayes Valley Housing Construction Puts All These Damn Walkways in Your Parking Spots (Hoodline)
  • Yellow Cab Resists Flywheel App in Favor of Company’s Own (SF Examiner)
  • New “Caltrain Commuter Coalition,” Including Tech and 49ers, Forms to Find Funding Solutions (SFGate)
  • Free BART Parking is Ending (NBC); TransForm: Fund BART Maintenance for World Series Crunches

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  • murphstahoe
  • thielges

    The type of articulated gravel truck that ran over the kid from Cupertino is quite scary to share the road with. They get paid by the load and are often driving aggressively to squeeze in the maximum billable loads. Then there’s that long tow bar between the first and second gravel bins. You have to hope that the trailing bin doesn’t drift over into your line of travel. It would be like being hit head-on by a car that has no driver.

    This is a very sad day for that students family and friends. Bicycling to class in a bike lane on a suburban street should be entirely safe. One easy step would be to ban the pay-by-load scheme that induces careless behavior. Pay by the hour instead,

  • susan

    RE: GG Bridge toll- the Directors should raise the fastrack toll to the same as non-fasttrack (+$1.00), as it was initially priced to be an incentive to reduce cash collection at the tollbooths. Now that there are no toll takers, the fasttrack fee should be raised. Also, if they decided to not put in the suicide net, that would save a cool $100 Million. And yeah, charge for parking at the lots- most people who walk across the bridge drive there and park, so there would be built in fees for accessing the bridge with a very straightforward and cost effective method of collection via parking meters. As a cyclist, I would be OK paying a nomimal fee if there was a class 1 bike lane on the bridge accessible at all hours and not shared with walkers or repair vehicles. Charging for sub standard cycling infrastructure, as is the case now, would be an insult, however.

  • 42apples

    Why can’t tech companies and the 49ers fund electrification themselves?

  • Richard Mlynarik
  • murphstahoe

    I’ve seen this question a few times today.

    My thinking is this. Those companies pay a big honking amount of taxes every year. Even if one can show that they are doing some sort of contortion to get out of corporate taxes, their employees pay a lot of income taxes on income derived from their employment there, and a lot of other tax revenue is generated locally because of their existence, property taxes, use taxes, etc…

    To ask these companies specifically to contribute additional funds to fund Caltrain is a cop out for Sacramento and the local counties, who collect those taxes. The problem is not that they aren’t paying taxes to fund Caltrain, but that Sacramento and the counties and municipalities aren’t allocating enough funding from all those taxes towards Caltrain. I think it’s an appropriate move for those companies to lobby to have their tax dollars (and ours!) to be spent in a different manner. “Hey – I’m paying a lot of taxes and in return I am getting crappy train service for my employees! Enough!”

    Whether or not they should pay more taxes, period – is a completely orthogonal question.

  • 42apples

    You realize that the Niners got the stadium built for them? They should have to pay for all the traffic they are causing. If Caltrain is really in their best interest, they should invest in it. I’d really be interested in seeing if developers are willing to invest in electrification, as it means that trains will be quieter and less polluting, making land along the route more attractive.

  • murphstahoe

    Santa Clara did this to themselves, not the Niners.

  • I worked for a company that offered the Caltrain employee pass–and used it only 6 days a year for several years. Other employees used it daily. How much does a company pay for those Caltrain passes?

  • murphstahoe

    Peanuts. I think the latest cost is around 175 per year – when I was riding daily that was what I paid per month.

    The caveat is that any participating company buys a pass for every employee – rider or not

  • We had to fill out a form in a book in the employee service center to get the stamp for our work badges….didn’t seem like an ‘everyone’s got one’ routine. And that’s not much money compared to paying the guys who ran the parking ramp.

  • 94103er

    Not just that but many Merc readers believe trucks that size are prohibited on that road. Totally inexcusable.

  • Andy Chow

    The companies have to pay for every employee on the site, but they may only distribute it for those who will use it. Some people may be tempted to resell the sticker which is not in the interest of Caltrain.