Today’s Headlines

  • All Muni Bus Service Suspended After World Series Revelers Attack Vehicles Again (SFGateCBS)
  • Muni Makes Route Adjustments as Part of Transit Effectiveness Project (SF Appeal)
  • Ribbon-Cutting, Block Party Today to Celebrate Castro Street’s Makeover (Hoodline, SFGate)
  • KALW Profiles Prop L; SPUR Lists Five Reasons Why SF Needs Its Transit-First Policy
  • SF Examiner Reviews Last Week’s NACTO Conference, a Gathering of National Transportation Planners
  • Senator Mark Leno Considers Running for Mayor Against Ed Lee (SFGate)
  • Study: 53% of Casual Bay Area Bike Share Users Don’t Understand Pricing Structure (Conversation)
  • School Bus Driver, Station Wagon Driver, Motorcyclist Collide at Oak and Lyon Streets (CBS)
  • Op-Ed: Caltrain Needs to More Frequent Service to Match its Connecting Transit Systems (SF Examiner)
  • BART’s Oakland Airport Connector Could Open by Thanksgiving (SFGate)
  • Decisions on Cutting BART’s Planned Alum Rock Station Moving Quickly (Green Caltrain)
  • Oakland North Breaks Down What Alameda County’s Measure BB Transportation Tax Would Fund

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  • murphstahoe

    The more I learn, the more I understand how something that seems obvious (Caltrain could run 2 car trains midday) can be a non-starter, but…

    I suspect Caltrain could really upgrade it’s usage by simply filling in the midday service with weekend bullet schedule trains on the half hour.

    For a chunk of time I was “They need wi-fi” and then once I got my smartphone I was thinking “oh who cares about wi-fi” because the phone was enough to make my commute a lot more useful than simply reading a book if I remembered to bring one. Especially since high adopters are increasingly using tethering/mi-fi. But Golden Gate Transit is rolling out wi-fi on their buses and it made a 3 hour commute on the bus yesterday something that really didn’t bother me at all – I was truly “in the office”. Put wi-fi on the trains and run some midday bullets and a big chunk of people would move from the crowded peak trains to a 10:30 AM bullet without blinking. Higher ridership overall and less crowded trains.

  • Bing Wu

    Bike share’s pricing is extremely confusing. When it first launched, I was at a Bike Party and encountered a few naive Bike Party participants who rode Bike Share bikes. I asked them if they realized that they can only be in possession of a bike for 30 minutes at a time before paying overages. “Oh no, it said $9 for 24 hours of unlimited use.” I tried to explain that it was 24 hours of unlimited trips of no more than 30 minutes each, but to no avail. They didn’t understand what I was trying to say, much less the cryptic explanation on the bike share station. I wonder how much they ended up paying that night. I can’t imagine they were happy campers.

  • coolbabybookworm

    Agreed, I regularly see people riding bike share bikes on the West Side of the city, especially on weekends. Hopefully with the sale of Alta, the new management will make pricing clearer and with increased roll out throughout the US people will be more familiar with how it works.

  • thielges

    Along those lines another no brainer would be to extend the baby bullet schedule an extra hour for the morning and evening rush hours. This would not require buying any new equipment or extending platforms, just staffing more train runs.

    These days northbound BB #329 is standing room only from San Jose @8:03 northwards, basically the entire run. I’m sure if the bullet schedule were extended another hour (i.e. add an 8:45 and 9:03 BB departure from SJ) that many of the current #329 riders would shift their workday a little later and ease crowding on the trains.

    Caltrain at risk of becoming a victim of its own success if crowding isn’t relieved. Commuters will go back to driving just for the comfort of a seat.

  • It would also help if the existing CalTrain schedule could be adjusted to allow timed transfers between BART and other transit systems. Missing your train because BART was a couple minutes late sucks.

  • Steve

    Agreed. Having only 2 hours of bullet service in the morning and evenings is ridiculous and the later trains are completely packed.

  • murphstahoe

    When the BART extension opened, Caltrain modified their schedule to match BARTs. 3 months later BART changed their schedule. Caltrain said screw it.