Today’s Headlines

  • Studies Show Car Traffic in SF is Declining, Whether Drivers Believe it or Not (SF Weekly)
  • Bay Area Bike Share’s Expansion Delay Allows for Choice for Better Technology (SF Examiner)
  • “Jaywalking” Man Hit by SUV Driver for Hire on 22nd at Valencia Street (Mission Local)
  • If Your NextMuni Prediction Changes, it’s Likely Because of Cars (SF Weekly)
  • Transbay Developers’ Lawyer May Have “Conflict of Interest” — and it Isn’t Willie Brown (SFGate – Scroll)
  • SF Green Cab Pulls All 16 Taxis Off Streets After Losing Insurer Over Crash Losses (KQED)
  • SF Planning Department Releases Video Explaining the Facts of the Housing Crisis (Youtube)
  • Bay Bridge Bike/Ped Path to Close Periodically for Yerba Buena Island Extension Construction (CBS)
  • Caltrans Officials Look at Bay Bridge’s Safety Features After Wrong-Way Driving Crash (CBS)
  • Homeless Advocates Stage “Sleep-In” at Powell Station to Protest BART’s Sit-Lie Ban (SFGate)
  • Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping on to BART Tracks at North Berkeley Station (Berkeleyside)
  • San Jose Woman, 74, Killed in Crosswalk by Driver in City’s 38th Traffic Death This Year (KTVU, KRON)

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  • Bruce

    The CBS article failed to mention that not the entire Bay Bridge path will close – only about the last 1/4 mile.

  • Mario Tanev

    Such a silly consolation that somehow delaying deployment of bike share is good because we can use newer technology. If that logic is taken further, perhaps we should wait for self-riding bikes in 2015? Further, although the article indicates that the minimal expansion that was supposed to happen early 2014, MAY happen early 2015. But it MAY NOT happen as well, and MAY be bundled with another expansion in East Bay. Enough is enough. Delaying is of no benefit whatsoever.

  • 94110

    The NextMuni article uses the term “ghost bus” differently than I usually do. Having a bus show up that isn’t expected can be annoying at times, but also can be convenient. Worse are the ghost busses like those on the 23 route that haunt Sloat.

    On Sloat you watch your NextMuni time steadily count down until a couple minutes before the bus is expected when poof, no more bus. Have fun waiting at that stop for the next half hour for the next bus (if it doesn’t ghost too, as has been known to happen).


  • Someone probably hit this fire hydrant in Oakland on the corner of San Pablo Ave/17th St/Clay St:

  • And they have been closing off a bit at the end every weekday while the old bridge is being taken apart.

    Looks like the CBS text story is regurgitating info from the link as if it is new. But if they’re really working at the TOUCHDOWN area, they would probably close down the whole path, not just that last 1/4 mile that’s been closed during demo since it started.

  • 42apples

    That’s not necessarily true-it’s better to wait than be left with garbage. For example, Amtrak could have gotten a lot better deal on locomotives if it had waited a couple of years

    Currently, Bike Share is not getting good customer reviews at all-improving the experience is essential to maintaining existing riders and encouraging a greater mode shift.

  • Jim

    SFGate article:

    “A condo building with 1-to-1 parking generates a whole lot less traffic and parking problems than an institutional or medical use,” said Scott.

    At Dugoni, for example, only faculty members had parking spaces — patients and students had to fight for street spots in a part of town with notoriously bad parking.”

    That Pac Heights location has great transit connections, an underused public parking lot on California and Steiner, an underused private paid garage at Webster and Clay, and parking meters in the immediate area. The area does not have a parking problem.

  • Gezellig

    Reminder: tomorrow’s the second SF Transit Rider PUBlic Transit Crawl, “to L and Back.”

    The last one was really fun! Looking forward to the next one tomorrow.