Board of Supervisors Hearing: State of Muni Light Rail Vehicles

Agenda [PDF].

Item of Note:

4. [Hearing – State of Existing Light Rail Vehicle Fleet]

Sponsor: Wiener

Hearing directed to the Municipal Transportation Agency to report on the state of Muni’s light rail vehicles, including the existing vehicle shortage and lack of reliability, as well as Muni’s plans to keep the light rail fleet bible and improve reliability over the next number of years through the arrival of the new Siemens light rail vehicles.


The Future of Van Ness Avenue is a Full-Feature BRT Route

Van Ness BRT at City Hall, Alternative 5: center-center median option. With overwhelming approval for the Proposition K half-cent transportation sales tax in 2003, San Franciscans  signaled they not only wanted to maintain a state of good repair and operational solvency for their transit system, they were willing to dedicate more than 25 percent of […]

Will Muni Ever Consider Catenary-Free Light Rail?

It’s hard not to get excited about the new urban rail technology announced this week by Bombardier. Could we ever see something like this in San Francisco? Similar technology has been on Muni’s radar but the future of light rail in the city doesn’t seem to be too high on the MTA’s priority list, at […]

SFBOS City Operations & Neighborhood Services Committee Meetings

[Hearing – Short-Turning of Light Rail Vehicles] Sponsor: Chu Hearing on the policy of short-turning or early turn-arounds of the Municipal Transportation Agency’s LRV’s, the reasons for and frequency of this practice, and the communication plan to inform the affected riders.Agen Agenda [Hearing – Short-Turning of Light Rail Vehicles] Sponsor: Chu Hearing on the policy […]