Today’s Headlines

  • Flooding Hampers Muni (Exam, CBS); Power Outages Close Montgomery BART/Muni Station (CBS)
  • SFMTA Didn’t Enforce Parking Meters During Storm, Instead Focusing on Directing Traffic (SFist)
  • Two-Hour Parking on Fell and Oak Scrapped in Revised Area Q Residential Parking Proposal (Hoodline)
  • Storm Brings Uber’s Surge Pricing to Highest Rate Ever, at 3.8X Normal Prices (CBSSFist)
  • Study Finds Cabbies More Likely to Drive Unsafely Than “Ride-Share” Drivers (Bold Italic)
  • Surprise, Surprise: The Oil Lobby Doesn’t Like Berkeley’s Idea of Gas Pump Warning Labels (SFGate)
  • AC Transit Bus Driver Kills Man in Crosswalk in Alameda (KTVU)
  • Drunk Driver Crashes Into YouTube Building in San Bruno (Mercury)
  • Bay Area Drivers Keep Get Stuck Trying to Cross Flooded Roads (SFGatePeople Behaving Badly)
  • East San Jose Citizens Frustrated at Possibly Losing Two New BART Stations in Plan Revision (PP)
  • San Mateo Looks to Turn Former Gas Stations Into Downtown Mixed-Used Developments (Daily Journal)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    The sfist commenters are right. Yesterday’s surge factor was not nearly a record. Anyway the point of the surge factor is to curb demand. Pricing is one way to allocate finite resources.

  • murphstahoe
  • shamelessly

    The point is also to make it worth a driver’s time to drive in crazy conditions. I’m no fan of Uber, but if you look at surge pricing from the perspective of Uber’s drivers, it makes more sense.

  • thielges

    Amid the bad news of roads flooded and BART stations being closed by yesterday’s heavy rain it is worth noting that Caltrain ran reliably all day.

  • Mario Tanev

    Wow! Not even shuttle service. AC Transit 73 as the backup option.