Today’s Headlines

  • Supes Approve Muni’s Purchase of 61 Long, Low-Floor Hybrid Buses (SFBay)
  • More on the “Early” Improvements Planned for Geary BRT (SFBay)
  • A Breakdown of the Possibilities Studied for a Central Subway Extension to Fisherman’s Wharf (SPUR)
  • Photos of Construction Progress on the Transbay Transit Center (Curbed SF)
  • BART Oakland Airport Connector Was Shut Down by Plastic on Tracks, Blown Circuit Breaker (SFGate)
  • Bay Bridge “Bay Lights” to Become a Permanent Fixture After Funding is Raised (SFGate)
  • Oversight Panel Says Bay Bridge Bolts Are Safe to Stay, With Inspection and Maintenance (SFGate)
  • People Behaving Badly: Drunk Driver in Rain on Bay Bridge Cuts Off CHP Officer
  • Caltrain Raises One-Way Fares by $.25, Day Passes $.50 (ABC); More on the Crash in Atherton (PAO)
  • Pleasanton Named a Bronze-Level “Bicycle-Friendly Community” (Mercury News)
  • SMART Looks to Fund Extension,  Bike/Ped Path From Larkspur to Cloverdale (Marin IJ)
  • Daly City Police Still Looking for Driver Who Killed 77-Year-Old Man in Crosswalk on Skyline (KTVU)
  • SideCar Lets Riders Choose Drivers’ Sex (CBS); Uber Says it Will Focus on Safe Drivers (BizABC)

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  • shamelessly

    Any chance the new Muni buses will be configured with single seats on each side and more aisle room? There was a survey floating this possibility for new streetcars, but it’d be great to have more standing room on buses too.

  • Electric buses are way cooler than hybrid..when do we get these excellent CA made, cost saving buses Stanford and LA have?

  • FDW

    Chances are we’ll see a similar seating layout to that of the existing New Flyer Low-Floor Hybrids that are already in service, which is good because that’s an open, high-capccity layout.

  • The first low-floor electric buses are supposed to start arriving next year.

    They’ll have high-capacity batteries allowing them to run for several miles with the poles down. More than just being able to bridge an outage, that allows for short extensions and re-routings without needing wire.

  • theqin

    I wonder if the city considered adding in ground inductive chargers to their bus stops when the roads are redone. Some new next generation electric busses from Bombardier do their recharging when stopping to pick up passengers as a bus stop, which removes the need for overhead wires entirely.

  • CamBam415

    Does anyone know what is going on with the SMART bike/ped pathway? The IJ article is a bit ambiguous. I was under the impression that the pathway was being constructed along side sections of the phase 1 for rail (i.e. a bike path from Centeral San Rafael to Airport Boulevard in Santa Rosa), but the IJ article doesn’t explicitly say that.

  • Fully electric buses with inductive charging is still a nascent technology. That was even more so the case about 5 years ago when planning began for the next-generation fleet and overhead expansion for the TEP/Muni Forward project.

  • Looks like they’re putting lipstick on a, um, bus.

  • These electric buses actually save communities tens of thousands of dollars apiece in diesel and related noise, health issues. Stanford will soon have 23 electric buses.

  • Uh-huh. By way of context, I used to live on Potrero Hill on an electric bus line, right by where the dirty diesel-powered peaker plants were fired up. We fought for air quality standards for decades. Now electricity comes from somewhere else (rainbows perhaps) and we can all pretend it’s totally clean.

  • We all know energy has gotten a lot cleaner and is getting better each day. I’m sorry you had to live next to a peaker plant..that was probably for midday load..air conditioning and such.

    Electric buses don’t use much energy in comparison and the Stanford ones are charged at night with otherwise wasted energy and wind, which is perfect as it produces a lot at night.