SFMTA Board Meeting: Updates on Vision Zero, Muni, and More


Presentations and discussions of note:

  • SFMTA’s Strategic Plan and Key Performance Indicators
  • San Francisco’s transportation trends and mode share goals
  • Goal One: Vision Zero
  • Goal Two: Transit First
  • Goal Three: Major Capital Corridor Projects and Urban Planning Initiatives
  • Goal Four: Public Outreach and Engagement and Employee Survey


Board of Supervisors Committee Considers Vision Zero

Agenda [PDF] Of Note: 2.  140047 [Implement a VISION ZERO Three Point Plan: Engineering, Education, and Enforcement] Sponsors: Kim; Avalos, Yee, Chiu and Mar Resolution urging the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and Director of the Municipal Transportation Agency to adopt a VISION ZERO Three Point Plan to expedite the goals of San Francisco’s Pedestrian […]