Today’s Headlines

  • CA Bicycle Coalition, Senator Liu’s Rep to Debate Proposed Helmet Law on KQED Forum
  • Phil Matier: “Bike Groups Don’t Want to Adhere to Mandatory Helmets or Chip in for Bike Lanes” (CBS)
  • City’s Map of Deaths and Injuries on SF’s Streets Now Has 2011 Data (SF Public Press)
  • Panhandle Graced With “Bibliobicicleta,” a Mobile Library Towed by Bike (Hoodline)
  • Parking Meters on President’s Day? KQED: “Washington and Lincoln Would Not Have Approved”
  • Will Ad Campaigns Lead to Better Rider Etiquette on Muni and BART? (SF Chronicle)
  • How Transit Agencies Deal With Nasty Tweets From Frustrated Transit Riders (CityLab)
  • Bay Bridge Driver Gets Stuck in Rising Tide After Pulling Car Over Near Toll Plaza (CBS)
  • San Mateo Set to Approve a 50-Year Sustainable Streets Plan (Daily Journal)
  • The Impact of Driverless Cars: Greater Marin‘s David Edmondson Imagines Possibilities for Suburbia
  • Man, 43, Killed on Motorcycle After Collision in Woodside With Dump Truck Driver (CBS)

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  • Bicyclists “don’t want to chip in for bike lanes.” Wait, so property and sales taxes are optional? This pundit appears to be deeply clueless.

  • Andy Chow

    Cyclists are already in the lower part of the pecking order, so if there’s a law mandating use of helmet, then it is essentially a license for others (including motorists) to harass cyclists who ride without a helmet. In the end it really doesn’t promote safety.

  • There’s similar justification for drivers to wear helmets: it would save lives, reduce injuries. So…

  • Roan Kattouw

    I also don’t see the AAA chipping in for highway construction, or the AARP chipping in for lower speed limits near seniors facilities (like on Fulton), or disability advocates chipping in for wheelchair ramps, etc etc. Cool story, Matier.

  • And pedestrians! Shouldn’t pedestrians have a helmet on each time they cross a street?

  • State law needed to require helmets in the shower!

  • Jeff Gonzales

    Please don’t give them any ideas…

  • Justin

    If people want to improve cycling safety it’s very simple, in addition to basic common sense, awareness, courtesy, personal responsibility of proper behavior and actions, proper etiquette and so forth, the other simple solution is to build out a network of protected bike lanes or paths where it makes sense and where it’s needed, that’s how to improve cycling safety. Helmet laws do nothing to improve cycling safety at all even though it’s recommended that one is worn.