Today’s Headlines

  • Ticketing Cyclists in Crosswalks: Police’s Sure-Fire Vision Zero Strategy at Market and Octavia (PBB)
  • Cab, Uber Drivers Crash on 16th and Guerrero, Sending Cab Into Elixir Saloon (SFGate, SFGate)
  • SFMTA Board Loosens Taxi Drivers’ Experience Minimum, Requires Companies to Use an App (SFGate)
  • Voter-Approved $500M Bond Will Barely Dent Muni’s Maintenance Backlog (SF Weekly)
  • Muni Has Given 38,000 Free Passes to Seniors and People With Disabilities (SF Public Press)
  • Hayes Valley Senior Center Wants Crosswalk Marked at Laguna and Ivy (Hoodline)
  • Developer Presents Plans for Plaza at Market and Van Ness (SocketSite)
  • SFGate Bay Bikers Blog Explains Why Car Parking Minimums Are Terrible Housing Policy
  • 56-Unit Development With One Parking Space Each Coming to End of L-Taraval Line (SF Examiner)
  • Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Hires City’s First Transportation Policy Director (East Bay Express)
  • Bicycle Boulevards Coming to Palo Alto (Peninsula Press)
  • Google Could Let People Ride in Self-Driving Cars This Year (Quartz)

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  • twinpeaks_sf

    If you’re riding a bicycle SB on Octavia and want to make a left onto EB Market – and use that narrow, poorly-designed bike channel like your’re supposed to – you have to enter the crosswalk to get into the bike lane on Market. The raised island installed to discourage people driving from making that illegal right turn onto the freeway is directly in one’s path. I’m not sure officers were issuing citations for this movement, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    It appears in the video, one person was issued a citation for riding down Waller, and then going around the curb and through the crosswalk to the other side of the intersection – hardly a dangerous maneuver, if taken slowly.

  • Sean Rea

    I don’t have anything against ticketing people in a crosswalk. It isn’t a hard law to understand, and it’s damn annoying as a pedestrian when you have to weave around disrespectful cyclists.

  • murphstahoe

    I don’t have a problem with that given that in the video the cops were primarily tagging motorists doing much worse.

  • hailfromsf

    What’s unpopular about that?

  • Sean Rea

    Well, it feels unpopular given the degree to which this site editorializes the headlines: “Ticketing Cyclists in Crosswalks: Police’s Sure-Fire Vision Zero Strategy at Market and Octavia.”

  • EastBayer

    The issue is police priorities. Sure, it may be “annoying” to walk around a bike in the crosswalk, but that’s not going to kill or even injure anyone. Not appropriate in a Vision Zero environment, unless we’re already ticketing 100% of motorists who speed and fail to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

    Bicyclists are just easy to pick on, regardless of the actual safety impacts.

  • TransBayTube

    I do this most mornings. Traffic on Octavia is speeding up to take the freeway as fast as possible and I don’t really want to merge next to them to go across the street. Furthermore, since I’m obviously not taking the freeway, my only other option if I take the bike channel is to enter the crosswalk and wait to take NE bound market on the other side.

    Also, from the other direction, the channel up McCopin dumps you and your bike on the crosswalk. Are cops busting people for that too?

  • Gezellig

    Build the infrastructure (crossbikes + crosswalks and protective refuge island for both people on bike and foot) and it will be a problem of vanishing frequency:

  • Prinzrob

    I would be curious to see what code section the crosswalk cyclists were written up for, since as far as I know there is no specific ban on it. The SF city code (section 1007) does ban sidewalk cycling for anyone aged 13 and up:

    “Bicycling riding on any sidewalk is prohibited except that children under the age of 13 may ride a bicycle on any sidewalk except as otherwise posted.”

    But it does not say anything about crosswalks. Since the state code does differentiate between the legality of biking on sidewalks and crosswalks in CVC 21650(g) this implies that a city would need to ban each specifically in order for them both to be illegal:

    “This section does not prohibit the operation of bicycles… on any sidewalk… or along any crosswalk or bicycle path crossing, where the operation is not otherwise prohibited by this code or local ordinance.”

    Beyond that, biking in a crosswalk that connects to a bike path, like the McCoppin Street connector, is specifically legal, also via CVC 21650(g).

  • Prinzrob

    That being said, in order to get from the right-turn only lane on Octavia to the crosswalk across Market one has to either go up onto the sidewalk or ride against the flow of traffic briefly, while also going straight from a right-turn only lane, all of which are technically illegal.

    I personally don’t see how using the bike channel is any more or less safe that using the right turn lane and crosswalk, but if the police must cite people they should at least be doing it for actual violations. And that “must” is highly debatable.

  • Prinzrob

    Agreed. If biking safely in close proximity to pedestrians was truly not possible then multi-use paths would be hugely dangerous, and open streets events would be disasters.

  • twinpeaks_sf

    Exactly. So long as there are no “crossbikes”, why would anyone be surprised people choose to bike along/in a crosswalk where they are most visible.

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