Biking and Communities of Color: Friend or Foe? (Online Webinar)

From TransForm:

When advocating for improvements to community safety, health, physical activity and food access, there is one common solution – mobility.  Having active transportation options to access one’s everyday needs is a right that everyone should have.  Biking in communities of color is not new, yet, in so many neighborhoods, the appearance of protected lanes is deemed the beginning of gentrification.  Fortunately, there are bike advocates around the country who are producing results that show biking as a solution to community revitalization and not a trigger for displacement.


Scott Chan, Program Director
Asian and Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance (APIOPA)

Adrian M. Lipscombe, Project Coordinator
Austin Transportation Department
Martha Roskowski, VP of Local Innovation
Olatunji Oboi Reed, Co-Founder
Slow Roll Chicago
Keith Benjamin, Street Scale Campaign Manager
Safe Routes to School National Partnership