Lower Haight Neighborhood Meeting on Wiggle Improvements

From the SF Bicycle Coalition:

The Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association (LHMNA) are opening their regular Board meeting to host the SF Municipal Transportation Agency, who will be presenting the latest updates on the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project. This project went through public planning in late 2013 and early 2014 to find ways to link an important stormwater management project to a livable streets project, prioritizing walking and biking through this residential neighborhood.

Representatives from the SFMTA will be there to give an update of where the project is at to give you a chance to ask questions, give support and raise concerns you may have.


Wiggle Safety Upgrades Delayed Over Turn Bans to Reduce Thru Traffic

Improvements that would make the Wiggle calmer and safer have been delayed after continued driver protests against three left turn bans on Divisadero Street proposed as part of the project. Approval of the project was removed from the SFMTA Board of Directors’ Tuesday agenda and postponed until June. Hoodline reported that some members of the Lower […]

Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Community Open House #3

From SFMTA: The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and the San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW) invite you to learn about the green infrastructure and traffic calming proposal for the Wiggle corridor including streets in the Lower Haight, Alamo Square, and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods. After conducting an […]

SFMTA Scott Street Traffic Calming Meeting

From SFMTA: Scott Street neighbors have expressed interest in traffic circulation changes to Scott Street that would decrease congestion and enhance the livability and safety for residents and for people who walk and bike through the neighborhood. Please join us at a focused meeting of residents on August 28 to explore traffic calming options for […]

City Sets Out to Create Safer, Greener Streets on the Wiggle

The Wiggle could be transformed into a greener, more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly route in the coming years thanks to a new planning effort launched by the SFMTA and the SF Public Utilities Commission. At an open house community meeting yesterday, planners shopped potential treatments like traffic diverters, traffic circles, bulb-outs, and raised crosswalks that could […]

New Options Arise for Greener, Calmer Streets on the Wiggle

Plans to create calmer, greener streets on the Wiggle came into clearer focus Tuesday after the SFMTA presented more refined proposals for raised crosswalks and intersections, bulb-outs with greenery, traffic circles, traffic diverters, and other safety improvements. The proposed treatments [PDF] are aimed at improving stormwater drainage while also calming motor and bicycle traffic. One […]

Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor at ASNA Meeting

From SFMTA: SFMTA staff will attend the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association General Meeting to give a brief summary of the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project and to answer questions from residents. Monday March 23, 2015 1660 McAllister St. 6:30 pm – Doors Open 7:00 pm – Meeting Starts