Today’s Headlines

  • Red Light-Running Driver Hits SFPD Driver at Eighth and Harrison (CBS)
  • Few 311 Complaints to Fix Roads on Bike Routes Known to Be Addressed (SF Examiner)
  • Supes to Vote on Ban for Tour Bus Driver Narration on April 6 (KTVU)
  • SF’s Parklet Program Continues to Grow, Inspiring Cities Around the World (SF Chronicle)
  • Supes Delay Vote on Muni Security Contract After Ethics Concerns Are Raised (SF Examiner)
  • Marina Residents Concerned Over Traffic at Hearing on Alcatraz Ferry Move to Fort Mason (SFGate)
  • Petition Seeks to Remove Parking on Block of Eddy Street to Deter Drug Deals in Tenderloin (Weekly)
  • SF, San Jose Traffic Jams Rank Second- and Sixth-Worst in New National Poll (Mercury News)
  • Man Killed on Tracks at Richmond BART Station (SFGate)
  • Woman Killed By Driver While Jogging in Vallejo at Intersection Where Boy Was Killed (ABC)
  • Stanley Roberts Shames People Not Using Far Crosswalks at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • New Bike App: “See What it Would Look Like if Your City Was Engineered for Your Safety” (Mission)

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  • thielges

    Strype is awesome. We can all rest easy now, the war has been won by an ap.

  • Transpo_nerdette

    April is Illusion of Safety Awareness Month.

  • lunartree

    I am for traffic calming measures, more crosswalks, and whatever needed to fix the issues, but if you cross a multi lane street in the middle with traffic in both directions you’re really being stupid. I don’t know how many near accidents I’ve seen with pedestrians running across Divisadero with no attention to the traffic. Yes, that street has an awful design and it needs to be fixed. However, that doesn’t change the fact that running into such a situation is careless and insane.

  • thielges

    I heard that they’re about to release an upgrade that will give you a physically protected bike lane. But you have to pay $3.99 for the pro version.

  • Unfortunately not everyone making mistakes or taking risky chances on that street is facing the same level of consequences.