Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits Three Cyclists at Fell and Scott and Flees; SUV Found in South City (ABC, SFGate, Hoodline)
  • Driver Crashes Into Office Building at Broadway and Battery, Snarling Traffic (Hoodline)
  • Package of “Muni Forward” Upgrades and Route Name Changes Coming April 25 (SFGate 1, 2)
  • More on Bay Area Bike Share’s Expansion (SFGate, East Bay Express)
  • More on Zendrive’s Bike Crash Data: SoMa is SF’s “Traffic Sewer,” Says SFBC’s Budnick (CBS)
  • DPW Makes Neighbor Remove Sidewalk Swing in Inner Sunset After One Complaint (Hoodline)
  • McCoppin Hub Plaza Suddenly Fenced Off, Apparently for Landscaping and Irrigation Work (SocketSite)
  • City Attorney Investigating Ethics Concerns in Muni Security Contract (SF Examiner)
  • Police Arrest Man Suspected of Pushing Man Into Muni Train at Civic Center Station (Chronicle)
  • More on Sup. Avalos’ Concerns Over Fine-Based Drivers Licence Suspensions (KQED)
  • Caltrain Negotiates With MTC, CAHSRA for Possible Early Upgrades to Boost Capacity (Caltrain)
  • Caltrain Looks for Ways to Stem the Rising Tide of Deaths on Tracks (ABC)

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  • Gocurrey

    I think I understand most of the muni number and name changes. I don’t get the reason for the Park Merced number change, though. How is 57 better?

  • What the intersection of Scott Street and Fell needs pronto is concrete traffic barriers installed along the west half of the southern crosswalk, preventing left hand turns from Fell on to Scott and eliminating southbound traffic on that block of Scott. This would protect cyclists, pedestrians and the poor residents of that block of Scott who experience so many crashes due to reckless drivers.

    The SFMTA could put these barriers up tomorrow if they so chose.

  • This may be user error, but FYI- looking at Streetsblog SF on my phone, it used to always automatically go to the mobile version, but for the past couple of weeks it’s defaulted to the full-size version (which is a bit hard to read on a phone). I tried manually punching in things like, but that didn’t work either. Any tips?

  • jonobate

    Yep, same thing here

  • Bruce

    Me too.

  • Bruce

    Yeah that one left me scratching my head too. Maybe to avoid confusion with the nearby 18 line?

  • It will make sense in a few years because the Parkmerced redevelopment includes a future extension of the 17/57 to Daly City BART.

    At that point almost all the 50 series routes will be BART connectors (the 56 is the exception, but it’s due for a major overhaul a little further down the line)

  • theqin

    The link to “More on Zendrive’s Bike Crash Data: SoMa is SF’s “Traffic Sewer,” Says SFBC’s Budnick” is broken.

  • In preparation for a full website redesign, we had to move the site to a new server a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, we can’t use the old mobile site on the new server environment where we’re developing the redesign, and won’t have a mobile site until the redesign launches in a matter of months.

  • jonobate

    Exciting news!

  • jonobate

    It’s really encouraging to see that the survey results for the 22-Fillmore improvements show strong support for the more radical travel time reduction proposals (e.g. center running transit lanes):

    Hopefully the survey results for the 14-Mission improvements will tell a similar story. At the open house there were a couple of people there from Calle 24 who went on a huge rant about how parking was of paramount importance and they didn’t want any bus lanes and they would see off any attempts to change the streetscape just like they saw off Sunday Streets and the “bicycle people”. They even said that Muni should fix the problem of the existing traffic lanes being too narrow by “buying smaller buses”. Hopefully the surveys will show that those people are in the minority and give Muni a mandate to proceed with bus lanes in both directions rather than just one.