Today’s Headlines

  • Board of Supervisors Bans Tour Bus Drivers From Narrating (SFGate, CBS)
  • Tomorrow is Walk to Work Day (Examiner); SF Ranks Second (Again) in Walkable Cities (CityLab)
  • Details on This Weekend’s Market Street Prototyping Festival (Hoodline)
  • After Complaints, Upper Haight Film Shoot Uses Metered Parking Instead of Free Parking (Hoodline)
  • Permit Revoked for Parklet Fronting Cafe and Massage Parlor at Jones and Geary (SocketSite)
  • Leap Buses Don’t Accommodate Wheelchairs (48 Hills)
  • KQED Forum to Discuss the Impact of Traffic Fines on California’s Low-Income Residents
  • BART to Fares to Increase 3.4 Percent Next January (SFGate); SF Chronicle to BART: Fix the Tracks
  • First SMART Train Car Arrives in Cotati for Test Runs (CBS)
  • More on Bike-Share Expansion Skipping Peninsula Cities, Despite Need for “Last Mile” to Caltrain (GC)
  • Driver Killed in Fiery Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 101 in San Jose (NBC)
  • San Mateo-Hayward Bridge to Close Two Weekends in May for Repaving, Maintenance Work (Mercury)

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  • Kevin Wenderoth

    Considering Londoners have been paying congestion pricing of $15 since 2000 to get into the center city, I think it’s high time the Bay Area increases it’s $6 charge during rush hour to something more like $10. That revenue should be the driving force behind capital improvement projects for BART as opposed to fare increases.

  • SFnative74

    Variable pricing on the Bay Bridge was a great idea. Let’s raise the rush hour toll to reduce congestion and help fund other improvements that will help take the pressure off the bridge and freeways.

  • theqin

    “‘The real hazard is pedestrians who can’t get off their phones while they’re crossing the street,’ he said. ‘Why don’t they pass a law about that?'”

    The tour bus driver feels threatened by pedestrians?!

  • Joel

    That being said, I think the current timespans (5-10a and 3-7p) are too long to successfully shift enough commuters to off-peak commutes. The bridge authority should switch to electronic tolling, not just to reduce toll-taking costs, but to create more dynamic pricing schemes like those currently used by HOT lanes.

  • murphstahoe

    Depends on the project. Is it buying more train cars, infill stations, or extending the train to Livermore?

  • Kevin Wenderoth

    Hopefully purchasing more train cars, modernizing the tracks for 24 hour service, and modifying the most intensely used stations for greater safety & greater capacity. Pretty much anything other than extending the line to Livermore.

  • SFnative74

    I agree. They can keep the 5-10am and 3-7pm pricing but add a higher toll price from 8-9am and 5-6pm to reduce congestion at its peak.