Today’s Headlines

  • Jinrog Ouyang, 88, Killed By Driver at 41st Avenue and Pacheco in Outer Sunset (SF Examiner)
  • Seven Supervisors Accept SFTRU’s 22-Day Muni-Riding Challenge (SFBay)
  • Supes OK Muni’s Armed Security Guard Contract, With No Ethics Violations Found (Exam, KTVU, SFG)
  • Man Killed By Hit-Run Driver Walking on 101 Off-Ramp at Alemany ID’d as Abisai May Dzul, 24 (Exam)
  • Uber Driver Who Ran Down Cyclist Out on Bail (ABC); Uber Declined SFBC Driver Training (Hoodline)
  • “Yellow Bike Project” Volunteers Teach Bike Maintenance Skills in the Tenderloin (Hoodline)
  • Inner Sunset Public Bench Project Expands to the Sidewalks of the Inner Richmond (Richmond SF)
  • SF Car Congestion Ranked Third-Worst in Country Again (CBS)
  • 48 Hills Sounds the Alarm Over Bay Area “Economic Prosperity Strategy” for Transit-Oriented Growth
  • BART Showcases Plans to Replace Escalators, Install Street Canopies at Market Street Stations (KTVU)
  • Daly City Police Ticket People Crossing Against the Light at BART Station on John Daly Blvd (PBB)
  • Cal State East Bay Launches Ten-Bike Bike-Share Program on Hayward Campus (Inside Bay Area)

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  • Is there some reason prop AA isn’t enforced? It seems like it should be as simple as checking a supe’s Clipper history, and firing them out if they’re caught.

  • Steve

    That 48 Hills piece is pretty awful. For unknown reasons, supply and demand doesn’t apply to San Francisco:

    “In this context, no amount of construction is going to lower prices, at least not to levels that are affordable to workers making $18 – $30 per hour ($36,000 – $60,000 per year).”

    But a few paragraphs later, it suddenly applies to the Peninsula:

    “Then there’s the Peninsula tech towns’ refusal to build housing for tens of thousands of their local tech workers—a default that helps explain San Francisco’s skyrocketing property values and the attendant devastation of the city’s poor, not to say, its disappearing middle class.”

  • Prinzrob

    The son of a community oganizer and complete streets advocate in Concord’s Monument Community was killed by a distracted driver in Pittsburg yesterday:

  • the_greasybear

    Tech workers make more than $36-60k annually.

  • joechoj

    Right. Interesting to hear about this. Seems like a wonderful policy – how can it just be ignored?

  • p_chazz

    Because there is no enforcement provision in the measure. It’s just a statement of policy. Essentially, the measure says “we the people of the City of San Francisco think it would be a great idea if all the City employees took public transit to work twice a week.” It doesn’t require them to do so

  • p_chazz

    You expect 48 Hills to make sense?

  • EastBayer

    Fortunately, once you see the author’s name, you already know what the content will be and can save some time.

  • p_chazz

    Perhaps because there is no enforcement provision. It’s only a statement of policy.

  • jd_x

    Horrible. Not many details of what exactly happened, but I cannot stand it when they say speed was not a factor. Speed was definitely a factor since the faster a motorist drives the more severe injuries will be in a collision, the less stopping time they have, and the more likely they are to lose control when swerving. What the article should say is “excessive speed” was not a factor, or even more simply, just “the motorist was not speeding”. By framing it as “speed was not a factor”, the article is absolving the car-centric traffic planners and engineers from the responsibility they should be taking for their decades of dangerous road designs that have killed and maimed millions in the name of motorist convenience. And so another person dies and nobody is at fault: certainly not the driver because, hey, they didn’t see the person, and certainly not the road designers since, hey, “speed was not a factor”.

  • It’s a FARCE!

  • hp2ena

    Mountain View City Council votes to support dedicated lanes; opposition starts petition to persuade council to reverse the plan (comments on article appreciated).

    EDIT: Corrected link:

  • helloandyhihi

    I did a sunshine request in January to see if the mayor and supes were following the policy. No records are kept, it’s not being enforced. If I were a journalist or lawyer, I’d try to figure out why.