SFPD Arrests Driver Who Hit Three Bike Commuters on the Wiggle

Photo: Adam Singer/Twitter

The SFPD has arrested 25-year-old Bianca Lopez of Fremont for hitting three people on bikes at Scott and Fell Streets on the Wiggle on April 6.

According to an SFPD press release, Lopez has been charged with felony hit and run causing injury, misdemeanor hit and run involving property damage, and driving without a license. Her bail was set at $100,000.

Lopez allegedly drove a Jeep Cherokee through a queue of bike commuters in the northbound bike lane on Scott at Fell after rear-ending the driver of a Mini Cooper on Fell at about 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 6. She then hit a parked car, which was wedged into a garage, as she left the scene.

Two of the victims suffered non life-threatening injuries, and a third sustained a fractured pelvis, compact fracture of an arm, and a lacerated liver, according to the SFPD.

The vehicle was found in South San Francisco later that day. The owner was located and questioned, but not believed to be the driver, who was described by witnesses as a Hispanic woman.

No booking photo or other information on the arrest or investigation was immediately released.

  • CBrinkman

    Thank goodness. I generally assume hit and runs will not be caught but the SFPD seems to be quite good at finding them.

  • lunartree

    Now if they could just catch that crazy person in the car chase a few weeks ago.

  • baklazhan
  • Althaea


  • BillT

    The article didn’t say she was out on bail. It said bail was set at 100K. We don’t know if she can make it. A bondsman will require 10% and utter confidence that she won’t vanish.

  • She didn’t even have a license, people, which would have made ~all the diffrence~

  • SFnative74

    Glad she was caught! Now let’s see what happens with the trial.

  • iamjared

    And she’ll end up having a 15/30 insurance policy and no assets, so all 3 of those injured will have huge hospital debts even once they’ve recovered. Let’s all remember we haven’t raised our minimum insurance requirements in like 40 years.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Why would an unlicensed driver have any insurance?

  • Agreed. This was arguably more egregious, so slapping some shackles on homegirl is more easily understood. If she had a license and wasn’t running into other parked vehicles (damn, gurl!), then I feel like it would’ve been deemed an ‘accident’ and the typical story car vs. bike would have unfolded.


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