Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Double Berthing Won’t Save Time, Just Let Frustrated Riders Get Off Train Sooner (SF Examiner)
  • More on Walk SF’s “Street Score” Report (SF Appeal)
  • Sunday Streets Returns to the Mission This Weekend on Mother’s Day (Mission Local)
  • Steep North Beach Block of Kearny Street With Stairs Set to Get Re-Paving, Landscaping (Hoodline)
  • BART Snarled By Damaged Track Between Civic Center and 16th Street (SF Examiner, ABC)
  • Caltrain to Add Sixth Car to All Bombardier Trains Starting Monday (SM Daily Journal)
  • Menlo Park to Test Left Turn Bans Using Barriers at Ravenswood Caltrain Crossing (Almanac)
  • Oakland, San Jose Mayors Challenge Each Other for Bike to Work Day in “Corny Video” (Cyclelicious)
  • Berkeley Anticipating Bay Area Bike Share Expansion Next Year (Berkeleyside)
  • Mill Valley Man on Bike Injures 80-Year-Old Woman on Shared Path (Marin IJ)
  • Danville Man on Bike Killed By Driver Was San Mateo-Foster City School District Facilities Director (ABC)
  • Drunk Driver Who Killed Mother, Child at Livermore Apartment Complex Came From Wine Festival (IBA)

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  • shamelessly

    I like the transparency of the term “double stopping” instead of “double berthing” — at least it brings some of our hopes back down to earth. Maybe someday SFMTA will run trains as long as the platform (like New York and other major cities) and make this whole practice moot.

  • 94110

    For double birthing/stopping, if you are one of the people getting off the second train, you’ve just saved a minute. That is a real, tangible time savings. The vehicle’s average speed has not increased, but it’s arrival time is earlier.

  • Agreed. It might not make Muni Metro run any faster, but it will allow us to get off faster.

    I’ll be glad to be rid of that feeling of being stuck onboard train that is fully entered the station and could safely unload if only the doors would open!

  • Mario Tanev

    In a way, you can see how the bureaucracy doesn’t care about the end user. Whereas *everything*, including on-time performance should be measured on what is user-perceived. This is an example where users get to where they are going faster, yet Muni claims there are no savings because the system overall remains the same.

    I recently saw their Twitter account post “New! 38R running on Sunday, effective this Saturday!”. The official change of schedule was Saturday, which is why they emphasized Saturday, but no rider cares about that and it sounds very confusing. Just say “starting this Sunday, 38R will run on Sundays”.

    I think the SFMTA needs to start thinking more from the perspective of riders. I think then customer service will improve.

  • theqin

    That means it takes longer to get to your destination. How is this any different than the trains just stopping at the beginning of the platform instead of the end, other than the fact that they stop twice nice.