Today’s Headlines

  • Andrew Wu, 12, Killed By Muni Train While Running Across San Jose Ave (Exam, KTVU, SFGateABC)
  • Bike Rider Seriously Injured at Sixth and Folsom After Being Hit By One of Two Cars in Crash (SFBay)
  • Wiggle Safety Upgrades Delayed After Protests Against Left Turn Bans on Divisadero (Hoodline)
  • Opening Planned (Postponed) for Fell/Oak Bike Lanes; Transbay Land to Be Auctioned (SFGate – Scroll)
  • Presidio Parkway Set to Open June 1 After Weekend Construction Closure (SFGate, CBS, ExamABC)
  • Governor Brown to Limit Warriors Arena Lawsuits Over Traffic Issues in Mission Bay (SF Chronicle)
  • “Brazen” Double Parkers Clog Clement Street in the Inner Richmond (People Behaving Badly)
  • BART to Run Extra Trains on Sunday for the Bay to Breakers Crowd (ABC)
  • Fremont Woman Killed on Bike By Trucker ID’d as Deborah Pletzer, 47 (SFGate)
  • Mercury Roadshow Reminds Right-Turning Drivers: Merge Into Bike Lanes, Don’t Cut People Off
  • Bay Area Gas Prices Rise “Sharply” to $3.69 Per Gallon on Average (SFBay)

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  • mx
  • lunartree

    I swear half the traffic in this city is caused by double parking. It’s especially awful when it’s a higher speed major arterial road like Oak or Fell, and good luck if you have to drive through the Mission.

  • jd_x

    So disheartened by the continual deaths and injuries to bicyclists and pedestrians in this city. Our joke of a mayor and other politicians are effectively condoning this deaths by utterly refusing to take non-motorist safety seriously. We could be at zero deaths in a year if we really wanted to. And yet we are so addicted to our cars that we are willing to tolerate the slaughter year after year after year.