Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Official: Bay Area Bike Share Will Expand to 7,000 Bikes (SF Examiner, SJ Mercury, SM Daily)
  • Truck Driver Kills Bicyclist Maria Crozier in Napa County on Her Anniversary (SJ MercurySF Bay)
  • Former Gas Station Land Needed for Central Subway Could Cost City $8 Million (SF Gate)
  • SFO and SFMTA Want New Regulations to Make Uber and Lyft Safer (SF Examiner)
  • More on Bay Bridge Tower Steel Rod Failure (SF Gate, CC TimesSF Bay, CBS)
  • Details on SFMTA Proposal for Cameras to Catch Speeding Drivers (SFist)
  • Driver Strikes and Seriously Injures Man Running Across Market Street (Hoodline, SF Gate)
  • Reckless Driver Injures Person in Berkeley After 30-Mile Police Chase (Berkeleyside)
  • Road Diet on Branham Lane Will Slow Car Traffic Better Than Traffic Signal (SJ Mercury)

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  • SFnative74

    Great news on BikeShare expansion, but I’m concerned the $149/year price tag may turn people off. Assuming it is as popular here as in NYC, it will be a game changer!

  • Andy Chow

    Companies that provide “shared economy” services (TNC companies, and those of AirBnB) are fine if their providers are mostly part time. If their providers are becoming full time, then it is a tool to avoid regulations that are well established. However that is what a lot of these companies are doing: encourage full time use of those supposed “shared” facilities. It seems like the VCs that fund those companies want more growth and full time usage appears to be a quick way to increase business.

    I don’t think it is governments’ intention for permitted/licensed taxi or bus drivers to be replaced with TNC drivers, especially of TNC drivers are paid less and receive less benefit/labor protection. There’s a bill, AB1360, that would grant rights to the TNC companies to provide individual fare shared rides. TNC is already competing with taxis and limos, and how they want to compete with airport vans and even public transit.

    I don’t know if it is the public’s interest to replace jobs with worker’s comp, hourly pay, overtime pay, health benefits, hours of service, etc, with those that don’t. I think it is fair that these TNCs to offer all of these benefits/protection for drivers that choose to drive full time. If they want to expand markets, that’s fine, but not at the expense of services that provide more labor protection and pay along with full time liability insurance.

  • murphstahoe

    Bike Share is doing an internet survey to get locations, but frankly they should do some boots on the ground market research. It’s established that the top location in San Francisco is Caltrain. They should be interviewing the people who currently either park at the Caltrain bike station or whom take their bike on the train – where they would want bike share stations. There is a heavy adoption amongst people who live near current bike share stations, the same would presumably be true amongst those who ride to Caltrain but can’t use bike share due to lack of a home side kiosk.

  • There will be an option for monthly payments, as I understand it. And discounted passes available to those who qualify for the Lifeline program.

  • the_greasybear

    Wow, that $149/yr figure is quite the increase from $88.

  • p_chazz
  • SF Tour Driverguide

    According to the article, the bicyclist was out of control and rode into the side of the moving truck. The driver was completely innocent. Your headline reveals your clear anti vehicle bias. The driver did not kill the woman. It was an accident caused by the bicyclist. Even when motorists are not at fault you can’t help but blame them.

  • p_chazz

    You expect Streetsblog to be unbiased? HAHAHAHHAHAHA