Today’s Headlines

  • Man Hit in Police Chase at 8th and Mission is 19-Yr-Old Intern Who’d Moved to SF a Week Prior (Chron)
  • Chart: How Much Money Muni, BART Fares Pay for Service Compared to Other U.S. Transit (CityLab)
  • Muni Buses to Feature Local Artwork (Moving SF)
  • Matier & Ross: Old Bay Bridge Span Parts to Be Given to Artists at Cost (Chron)
  • BART Service Stopped Between Hayward and Fremont to Due Small Fire at Substation (ABC)
  • Driving in Marin is Declining, but Morning Commute Traffic is Growing (Greater Marin)
  • Development Plans Booming at San Mateo’s Hayward Park Station (SM Daily Journal)
  • San Mateo Driver Flees Police With 15-Yr-Old Boy in Car, Crashes Into Apartment Building (SM Daily)
  • When Piloting a Motor Vehicle, a “Big Lunch” Can Put You Over the Edge (CBS)
  • Retired Alameda Firefighter Reminisces About Biking to Work, Family Visits at the Station By Bike
  • CA High-Speed Rail Opponents Gearing Up to Protest at CAHSRA Board Meeting in LA (CBS)

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  • Seth

    the San Mateo guy did not have his son in the car – he is 21 and the juvenile passenger is 15. That headline is misleading and incorrect.

  • murphstahoe

    where do you think Aaron is leading you that is particularly different than where you should be led?

  • p_chazz

    Aaron’s headline makes it sound as if the driver was endangering a child.

  • Rain__or__Shine

    That part is entirely accurate. The driver was arrested and charged with child endangerment (among other things).

    But yes, the 21 yo man probably does not have a 15 yo son, as the Streetsblog headline implies.

  • My mistake. Corrected it.

  • p_chazz

    I read Seth’s comment wrong–I thought the 21-year old was the son of the driver.