Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Critically Injures Woman at Mission and Persia Streets in the Excelsior (SFGate)
  • Market Street Turn Restrictions Expected to Be Approved By SFMTA Board Tuesday (SFGate)
  • Stanley Roberts Catches Drivers Making Illegal Bus-Only Turn Towards Bay Bridge Ramp on Folsom
  • Bernal Heights Among Neighborhoods Voting to Get Bay Area Bike Share Stations (Bernalwood)
  • Berkeley Poised to Approve Downtown Parking Garage Expansion and “Green” Overhaul (Berkeleyside)
  • Berkeley Ramps Up Road Repaving, Plans to Smooth 11 Miles of Streets By October (Berkeleyside)
  • EB Express: New Traffic Ticket Payment Law Doesn’t Eliminate Onerous Fee for Missing Court Dates
  • More People Behaving Badly: Distracted Freeway Drivers in Marin County
  • Boy of 22 Month Dies of Head Injuries Suffered in Rear Seat After Rear-End Car Crash in Vallejo (CoCo)
  • San Jose Van Driver Crashes Into Pole, Shutting Down VTA Light-Rail Line (NBC, ABC)
  • Palo Alto Transpo Commission Approves Traffic Calming Measures on Park Bike Boulevard (PAO)
  • South City Driver Follows Drunk Driver, Calls Police, Sees Drunk Driver Crash Into Parked Car (SMDJ)

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  • the_greasybear

    Re: “Market Street Turn Restrictions”

    It is great there will be officers in place physically directing automobiles to follow the law for the first two weeks. However, if the plan then relies primarily upon the presumption motorists shall voluntarily choose to follow the law and refrain from turning onto Market Street where it is prohibited, then the entire gambit shall fail.

    From regularly blocked “protected” green bike lanes to row after row of decimated soft hit posts, it should be abundantly clear to SFMTA planners and officials that the absence of significant traffic enforcement on Market Street means anything short of hard physical barriers shall continue to fail to prevent motorists from choosing to break the law whenever and wherever it suits them. Signs and paint do not work.

  • EastBayer

    and hard physical barriers are generally incapable of letting Muni do its thing

  • jd_x

    A little off-topic, but about those decimated soft-hit posts, I’ve always been very discouraged by how they clearly don’t do anything to protect bicyclists (and effectively state that the City thinks it’s more important motorists don’t damage their car than bicyclists not be hit). However, I did recently happen to be riding by when a street cleaner was at work and noticed that it just went straight over them. The inanity of this still astounds me, but it gave me some comfort to know that most of the damage of those soft-hit posts must be from the street cleaning …

  • the_greasybear

    Which is why there should be some sort of enforcement of rules like these planned…but this is San Francisco, so we’re totally out of luck on that front.

  • One has to wonder the opportunity cost of SFPD’s refusal to enforce moving violations. Not only do you have the city income from traffic tickets, but there’s also the economic benefit of people being able to go to work instead of laying in a hospital bed.

  • gary

    Stanley Roberts: It’s frustrating to see Stanley catch all those traffic offenders but can’t ticket them. Seems there should be SFPD there to cite them.

  • NoeValleyJim

    Can’t we get something like these?

  • You mean besides the ones at the new police building that people who work there keep running into?