Today’s Headlines

  • SF Rec and Parks to Hold Meeting on Panhandle Path Improvements (SFBC)
  • Even on Weekdays, Churches Want Exemption From Parking Time Limits in RPP Area Q (Hoodline)
  • More on the Transportation Sustainability Fee for Developers (Business Times)
  • “Lyft Line” Riders Attacked by Two Men Sharing Their Ride (CBS)
  • SF’s Ride-Hail Drivers Earn Most in U.S., More Likely to “Double Dip” (SF Examiner)
  • More on Muni Metro’s Early Night Shut Downs Starting July 31 (SFGate)
  • In Oakland’s Temescal, Where Merchants Blocked Bike Lanes, Most Shop Sans Car (GJEL)
  • AC Transit Wants Rider Feedback on Proposed Service Expansion (ABC)
  • Driver Hits CHP Officer Investigating Crash Scene on Highway 580 in Richmond (ABC, SF Bay)
  • Santa Clara County Transportation Ballot Measure Polls Well for 2016 (Green Caltrain)

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  • 94110

    There was a hit and run last night on Valencia at 20th. A silver minivan rear ended (after some screeching of tires) a black sedan (probably a Lyft driver). I saw shortly after as the minivan turned from NB Valencia down EB 20th.

    There was a police cruiser parked on the opposite corner of the intersection who after a brief delay zoomed off in pursuit, but the perp had probably a 15 or 20 second head start.

    How would I find information about this? Checking SFGate arrest records turns up nothing likely looking, and a news search for San Francisco hit and run doesn’t turn up anything recent.

    Upshot: Six fire department vehicles and one cruiser responded. The two occupants of the rear ended vehicle were being checked for injuries when I left.

  • Andy Chow

    That’s why I am not in favor of allowing sharing rides on automobiles, which I wrote to the state legislature about. Conflict between passengers happen even on transit vehicles, but on transit vehicles there are protocols to handle the situation, that there is space between passengers to reduce chances of conflict (one can move to another part of a bus or train), and that the environment feels public rather than private. Automobiles are generally not designed to carry strangers in a tight space. Things like sexual harassment and event assault in shared TNC vehicles are possible.

  • p_chazz

    I was at the DNA Lounge last night around 8 PM and I overheard the doorman saying to a coworker that a cyclist was hit by a car in front of the club on 11th Street earlier in the evening.