Today’s Headlines

  • Huge Turnout for the Wiggle “Stop-In” Demonstration (NBC, ABCSFGate, KRONHoodline)
  • SFPD Officials Say They Will Ticket Rolling Stops for Bikes Until Idaho Law is Adopted (SF Examiner)
  • Stanley Roberts Bows Out of Stop-In Because His Presence Shut Down the Last Wiggle Demo (Weekly)
  • Six Months of Early Night Closures in Muni Subway Begin Tomorrow (SFGate)
  • Nevius: Predicted Warriors Arena Traffic is a Drop in the Bucket for the City (SF Chronicle)
  • Patxi’s Pizza on 24th Street Applies for Parklet (Noe Valley SF)
  • Supes Approve Gas Station Site Purchase for Affordable Housing at 16th and S. Van Ness (Socketsite)
  • Mid-Market Development to Bring Sidewalk Extension, Pocket Garden, and Public Plaza (Hoodline)
  • Air District Board Approves $20 Million to Fund Caltrain Electrification (SF Appeal, SFBay)
  • Man Hit by Caltrain in San Bruno Dies from Injuries (CBS, SF Bay, Mercury News)
  • Elderly Woman in Martinez Kills Husband With Car After Mistaking Gas Pedal for Brake (CBS)
  • Bicycle Safety Cited By Danville NIMBYs in Case Against Residential Development (Cyclelicious)

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  • Sean Rea

    It’s refreshing to hear that Mannix and the traffic division will be enforcing all rules that are on the books. It’ll be good to see motorists who speed, text, fail to signal, fail to yield RoW, etc. will be cited.

    Oh, wait.

  • voltairesmistress

    Re: SFPD citing bicyclists for unimportant infractions: I will support all political efforts to change the law long term and change policy on its enforcement locally in the meantime. But I have also decided to follow a friend’s example and no longer provide my true identity to police officers in these kind of stops. I suggest that others who are U.S. citizens with no police records do the same. Appear to politely cooperate, but don’t continue to feed this corruption. I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I believe it is immoral to support and fund a lack of common sense policing that makes us less safe by directing police time away from things that do keep us safe.

  • jd_x

    Re: SFPD crackdown on bicyclists. Somebody starting a petition which everyone should sign:

  • jd_x

    I didn’t know they were building a new/better connection to the bicycle/pedestrians paths on the GG Bridge:

    “Later this summer, the public will be able to traverse a new bicycle/pedestrian bridge that connects the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge with the Coastal Trail. Previously, cyclists coming off the span had to loop through the Bridge Plaza in order to continue their southbound journey to Merchant Road and onward down the flank of the Presidio.”

  • Sean Rea

    Most of the signatories are not from San Francisco. I encourage people who are about this issue to call / write Captain Sanford, Chief Suhr, their supervisor and the Mayor if they want to have any hope of impacting change.

  • Mesozoic Polk

    We owe Debra Niemann our hearty thanks for devoting the resources of the Noe Valley Association and the Community Beautification District to the continued beautification of the community, in the form of preserving parking spaces.

    I do hope that Debra, and other rational and clear-headed neighbors in Noe Valley, will rally the troops to defeat this foolhardy Patxi’s parklet. The neighborhood simply cannot afford to lose these precious parking spots (even though the area is very walkable and transit-oriented and most of the merchants’ customers probably walk from the surrounding residences rather than drive).

  • murphstahoe

    thank you for your email. First,
    contrary to what you have been reading there is no ‘crack down’ of
    bicyclists. On that date, 7/28 subject of the blog, officers were in the
    area to address all traffic complaints. 11 citations
    were issued in a very short period, 3 to bicyclists. The sections were
    all for the Laguna/Page intersection, 2 for egregious stop sign
    violations, and one for failing to yield to a pedestrian in the
    crosswalk. The officer actually pictured was writing a stop
    sign violation ticket.

    In 2014 the SFPD cited 130,000 violations
    94% of which went to motor vehicle drivers, 5% to pedestrians, and 1%
    to bicyclists. We are on par to reach the same percentages this year.
    San Francisco is a very small large city with all modes
    of travel exerting their right to ‘get there first’. We as a society,
    especially in SF, must slow down and drive more defensively. Whether
    driving or biking the slower you go the easier it is to react to what is
    in front of you. I drove in this morning via
    page and observed some reckless bicycling behavior both speeding and
    asserting the right of way. Consider that a bicyclist riding down the
    relatively steep hill on the left side of all of those stacked, waiting
    cars at a high(er) rate of speed, would find
    it difficult to react to the impatient driver that decides to make a
    left into a driveway to turn around (a perfectly legal maneuver), even
    if the driver is in the wrong a bicyclist will likely be killed by any

    If we are going to get to zero traffic
    related fatalities by 2024 we all have to work together and walk, ride,
    and drive more responsibly. Thank you for your concern and please feel
    free to contact me regarding,

    Commander Ann Mannix