Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits Ped on Sixth Street (HL); Driver, Motorcycle Cop Crash at G. Gate & Leavenworth (SFGate)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian at Mission Street and Precita Avenue (SFist)
  • North Beach Driver Injures Two Car Occupants After Blowing Stop Sign, Flees on Foot (SFBay)
  • Dozens Protest Tree Removal for Van Ness BRT at City Hall Hearing (SFGate, NBC)
  • SFMTA Contemplates Solutions to Allow Scoot Exemption From Residential Parking Permit Zone (Exam)
  • SFMTA to Drug Test Taxi Drivers Annually Without Exemption for Medical Marijuana (Examiner)
  • Muni’s New Paper Transfers Could Come in 2016 at the Earliest (SFGate)
  • Major BART Delays After Man Jumps in Front of Train at Embarcadero (ABC, KQED, Biz Times)
  • BART Delayed in East Bay After Person Flees Police on Tracks at Lake Merritt Station (ABC)
  • BART to Soundproof 250 San Jose Homes in Preparation for Expansion (NBC)
  • Caltrain Ridership Hits Record Ridership With Average of 58,429 Daily Passengers (Daily Journal)
  • People Behaving Badly: Redwood City Drivers Make Illegal Turns and Block Intersections

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  • Matthew

    This tweet shows more. Very sad, kinda graphic:

  • lunartree

    The news is irresponsible reporting on “dozens” of protestors at the Van Ness BRT. That system has massive support, millions will use it, but a few people think cutting down some trees to plant twice as many is a problem. I think the news likes throwing a wrench in the works of our already slow civic services. Absolutely irresponsible.

  • Nicasio Nakamine

    Do any of you know how Scoot deals with currently existing RPP areas? How do they deal with street sweeping?

  • mx

    I’m a Scoot member. While you have the scooter checked out, you follow standard motorcycle rules and are responsible for parking. When you return it, you can either return it to a reserved space in a garage or park it on the street in a designated “Scoot Stop” area (they show up with colored highlights on the app’s map). If you park on the street, you’re supposed to avoid taking up a parking space and park in a place that is legal to park for the next 48 hours (iirc).

    So they just don’t allow you to end a ride in an RPP area or someplace where the street sweeper is coming soon. They know where all the Scoots are parked, so they can move any that stay in one place too long. You are, of course, free to park in an RPP area during your trip, but you’re responsible for any tickets naturally.

  • Prinzrob

    Fremont pedestrian killed by DUI driver on Monday:

  • dat

    How do you like Scoot so far? Good? Excellent? So-so? Curious to know more about it.

  • mx

    Overall I’ve been pretty happy with it. I live near a garage that usually has a decent supply, so that helps a lot. I don’t use it to commute though, as it wouldn’t really be an improvement for my specific commute compared to Muni+walking or a bike. It’s really nice for errands, as it’s great to be able to park in little spaces between driveways and similar spots. You kind of have to look at the availability (there’s a lot of them now, which is nice) and price plans and figure out whether it makes sense for you.

    One negative aspect is the whole shared helmet thing. They do clean them, but yeah… You can bring your own of course, but that cuts down on some of the convenience. The Scoots also don’t do great going uphill, especially if you’re not super-lightweight (they used to be terrible in this regard, but were able to boost the power around January when a state law change took effect). Not a huge deal, but you have to consider your route a bit to avoid big hills and I occasionally feel bad if I’ve got traffic behind me.

    All and all, I’m pretty satisfied, and it’s a great option to have when I’m deciding how to get somewhere.

  • murphstahoe

    They don’t think that the trees are a problem. They are using “SAVE THE TREES” as code for “SAVE THE LANES”

  • StrixNoctis .

    If that’s the driver of the vehicle who hit the pedestrian, is it just me or isn’t standing there texting an apathetic thing to do just after killing somebody and their body is laying there covered next to their vehicle?

  • StrixNoctis .

    I think photos of the traffic collisions should be taken & posted by the media to give people an even more emotional effect than only reading about these tragedies can deliver. Photos like that one you posted here should help convince at least most drivers toward driving at safer speeds.