I’m Moving On From Streetsblog — But Not Before Happy Hour Tonight

I like to say that the best career move I ever made was joining a Critical Mass ride and striking up a conversation with a fellow rider about the Streetsblog sticker on his helmet. That rider happened to be Bryan Goebel, Streetsblog SF’s first editor, who would later offer me the opportunity of a lifetime.

11113275_10153188819926880_4453609000970703106_nAfter five years of living the dream, I’m announcing my departure as editor of Streetsblog San Francisco on September 30.

Stay tuned for the official job posting for the editor position (but if you want a head start, you can email a resume and cover letter to ben@streetsblog.org).

Passing the torch, of course, comes with a flurry of mixed emotions. So come help me cope at Streetsblog’s monthly happy hour tonight.

Writing for Streetsblog and serving as editor of the SF branch has been an incredible opportunity that I honestly never saw coming. During the blog’s first couple of years, I was an avid reader and mixed it up in the comments section. While studying at SF State, I developed an unshakable fixation on sustainable transportation advocacy, bolstered by the coverage I read on Streetsblog. Little did I know I would dive head-first into it and become embedded in the world of SF transportation politics.

For me, the experience has been a transformational, one-of-a-kind education. I’ll always be grateful to Bryan Goebel and Ben Fried, the editors who believed in me, invested their time, energy, and patience, and taught me pretty much everything I know about journalism.

Thanks also to everyone who has supported Streetsblog, whether it be with donations, photos, story tips, or just reading and spreading the word.

I also have to thank all of the advocates, residents, and folks at City Hall and other agencies who have provided a bedrock of encouragement and insight for my coverage over the years.

It’s been an honor to head up Streetsblog SF. Its future remains bright, and the search for a new editor begins now. I know Streetsblog SF will remain in good hands.

I’d love to see you all tonight at Streetsblog Happy Hour at Virgil’s Sea Room, which I still plan to attend each month when I can. As with every third month, we’ll have free t-shirts and hoodies, and 10 percent of bar proceeds will support Streetsblog. So join me for a drink and a toast to Streetsblog SF’s next generation.

  • Streetsblog SF has been lucky to have you! Glad I was planning to hit the event tonight anyway 🙂

  • Dude, it was an awesome tenure. Can’t make the happy hour but hope to catch you at another one and see you around. All the best!

  • Gezellig

    Thanks for your many years of great journalistic deep-dives into stories often no one else was looking into–wish you the best in your next moves!

    Will look forward to seeing you and everyone else this evening.

  • mx

    Thanks for making this such a great place! Best wishes with whatever comes next for you.

  • Michael Morris

    You’re awesome Aaron, this site was a great tool for me when I moved to SF and it’s introduced me to so many interesting things in the city like Sunday Streets and the Polk St. discussions. It’s also showed me all the headaches relating to changing our transportation system. I’m more connected to SF because of this site. Thanks!

  • Morgan Fitzgibbons

    Sad news. You have done a wonderful job. Big shoes to fill.

  • Sorry to see you go. Hope you’re moving on to fun/exciting/rewarding things?

    Thanks for being a journalist with integrity and heart.

  • murphstahoe

    Good. Now we can get rid of this biased commie and install Bob Gunderson.

  • jd_x

    Bummed to see you go; you’ve done a great job at keeping SF Streetsblog both informative and lively. And of course it’s great to see the investigative work you’ve done, like the recent conflict with the SFPD and Wiggle bicyclists. Your shoes will be hard to fill, but best of luck wherever you end up. And thanks for helping make SF a more livable, healthy, and safe city!

  • njudah

    You have done a great job here – while I am sorry to see you go I am sure you’re going on to another Good Thing. Keep up the good work.

  • Izsak

    Where to?

  • djconnel

    Oh, my! First SFBike endorses Gascon whose apparent life mission is to file as many felony charges as possible against cyclists, and now you’re leaving.
    Aaron, you’ve done an amazing job — you don’t just report what people say, but you check it against the record. That’s a very rare thing. No matter whom is found to replace you, you will be missed. Thanks for the excellent work, and good luck in whatever follows.

  • Andy Thornley

    Bittersweet news from a great reporter and analyst, and an estimable blog proprietor to boot – thanks for five years of good hard smart work! Now what’s next, for Aaron, and for Streetsblog SF?

  • Nicasio Nakamine

    Thank you, Aaron! We will surely miss you here.

  • hp2ena

    Congratulations Aaron! Sorry to see you go – you’ve done great work covering vital transportation issues in the Bay Area. You will be missed.

  • gary

    Best of luck in all you do. Always looked forward to reading your great articles.

  • gneiss

    Best of luck Aaron! I very much enjoyed reading the articles you wrote. Hope you do well in your next adventures.

  • Black n Pink Fixed Gear

    You the man Aaron! All the best!

  • aslevin

    Sorry to see you go! Thanks for doing such a great job. Best with what’s next.

  • Adam Greenfield

    Thank you Aaron for everything you have done for progressive street use and transportation. Your reporting has helped focus and rally the movement and the results are incalculable. I wish you all the best with the next steps in your life.

  • voltairesmistress

    Aaron, Thank you for your consistently good reporting and research. I came to rely on your stories to keep me informed of the most important city transportation news. I appreciate, too, how you moderated the site, keeping it lively, but not a servant to those who troll public forums. I will miss you. Good luck with your next endeavors.

  • ClaireB

    As a normal average person, streetsblog continues to blow my mind and challenge me to think out of the box. Thank you for doing such a great job.


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