Today’s Headlines

  • Coverage of Yesterday’s “Bike Yield Law” Press Conference (KTVU, KRON, CBS, ABC, SF Appeal)
  • Pagoda Theatre Site Plans Move Forward With Condos, Not Central Subway Station (Hoodline, Exam)
  • LGBTQ-Themed Plaza on 12th Street at Harrison Endorsed By Eastern Neighborhoods CAC (Hoodline)
  • Activists Still Blaming Tech Shuttles for the Housing Crisis (KRON)
  • Area Q Parking Limits to Increase from Two to Four Hours Within Next Six Weeks (Hoodline)
  • Tonight: Parklet Movie Night (HL); Haight’s Magnolia Parklet Removed for Utility Work (Hoodline)
  • SFBC, CA Legislators Call on Gov. Brown to Sign Bill Banning Bridge Tolls for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
  • More on BART’s “Travel Incentives” Pilot Program Planned to Encourage Off-Peak Rides (SF Exam)
  • Northbound Caltrain Hits Car in San Mateo (SFGate); SB Caltrain Hits Person at San Antonio (CBS)
  • Bus Lanes on El Camino Real Won’t Cause Carmageddon, Audit Concludes (Mercury News, PA Online)
  • 80-Year-Old Livermore Driver Confuses Gas With Brake, Drives Into Gym and Kills Woman (ABC, NBC)
  • North Bay Counties Consider Spending Up to $1B on Highway 37 to Address Traffic and Flooding (MIJ)

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  • SFnative74

    Regarding the travel incentives to shift some people to use BART during non-peak, rather than “coupons, giveaways or discounts at stores or restaurants near BART stations” which seem clumsy and resource heavy with likely insignificant results, why not do this instead…next time BART plans to raise its fares, raise them for travel done during peak hours and leave off-peak hours at current prices. Peak hour pricing is being used in many applications – why not BART?

  • David Polse
  • Gezellig

    From the KRON piece:

    At the corner of Van Ness and Union in San Francisco, it’s a busy strip of road. And it’s made all the busier with the big tech buses picking up and dropping off.

    Oh, KRON. It’s made all the less busy by the buses.

    Each bus *replaces* scores of individual cars.

    Get rid of the buses? Many people will just get cars and drive.

    Actually, it doesn’t even take all that many to switch to driving to make the problem disproportionately worse–since such buses’ footprints are barely 2-3x that of an individual car, all it takes is only 2 or 3 of their riders to switch to driving to make congestion calculably worse.

    Also, activists who were actually concerned about housing policy and displacement would bother to show up to protest city council meetings in places like Mountain View, Mill Valley and Milpitas when they decide yet again (this happens all the time) to maintain the single-family-home-only status quo.

    Of course that doesn’t make for as sexy a photo-op as standing in front of a bus (which is far more a symptom of a major problem rather than its cause).

    The housing shortage crisis is a regional issue which every community in the Bay Area needs to reckon for.

  • Darksoul SF

    Regarding the Bike Yield at Stop SIgn Law… If the law passes – The next law would allow bike people yield at RED LIGHTS.

    If the law really passes..

    The word “STOP” is nothing

  • murphstahoe

    STOP whining

  • #OhTheHumanity

  • Gezellig

    Actually, in Idaho red lights are legally *stop signs* to people on bikes. In other words, it works like this:

    stop sign = yield legally required
    stop light = full stop legally required

    Conflicts and injuries? Down.