What’s Next for Me — I’m Joining the SFMTA

Since I announced my departure from Streetsblog, folks have asked about my next move. Well, I’m not going far: I’ve accepted a position on the SF Municipal Transportation Agency’s public relations team.

In this new chapter, I’m excited about working directly on projects that advance better transportation options in the city. To start out, I’ll be working in a media relations position on Muni-related project and service announcements.

I’ll be in good company with a lot of folks I’ve gotten to know through my years of reporting on the agency’s policies and projects, some of whom have also transitioned from advocacy roles. Former Streetsblog reporter Michael Rhodes is now a Muni Forward planner, and Andy Thornley, whom I first met when I interned at the SF Bicycle Coalition in 2009, manages on-street parking programs. To my mind, when the city hires good advocates, that’s a sign of success for the movement.

I’ll be here at Streetsblog through the end of the month, and after that, you’ll still see me around. I’m changing jobs, but I’ll still be working to make San Francisco and the Bay Area more livable and sustainable.

Also, a reminder that the search is on for Streetsblog SF’s next editor. Applicants can send a cover letter and resume to ben@streetsblog.org.

  • That is awesome. I love having someone like you on the inside.. Best of luck

  • helloandyhihi

    Sad to see you leave Streetsblog but looking forward to what’s new for both this publication and SFMTA!

  • Darksoul SF

    Aaron Bialick are you going take over SFMTA twitter too?

  • I should have known Aaron wasn’t finished ruining San Francisco.

  • Mesozoic Polk

    Aaron, did you receive the application that @disqus_SEeoxsAvKA:disqus and I sent to become co-editors of Streetsblog? Thanks for your consideration!

  • murphstahoe

    Can’t wait to see Rob Anderson’s tin foil hat blog post on this one!

  • THE STUDY!!!!

  • Darksoul SF


  • dat

    He’s going to help them SCREW UP TRAFFIC!!! They’re going to SCREW IT UP!!! It’s a conspiracy with the all powerful BIKE LOBBY. Next thing you know we’ll have to bow down!!

  • City Resident

    Thank you, Aaron, for your dedication and consistency. You covered issues that few bothered to pursue, such as our Mayor’s fiscally and environmentally irresponsible erosion of Sunday metered parking. You demonstrated humility when you interviewed Captain Sanford. We can all learn from one another and strident voices tend to alienate. Thanks for staying calm. And thank you for making both sf.streetsblog.org and San Francisco better places.


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