Today’s Headlines

  • Regulations for Private Commuter Buses Approved With Few Changes (Exam, Gate, SFBayCBS, NBC)
  • More on Union Square Tour Bus Crash (Exam 1, 2, SFist, MercABC, CBS, Kron4)
  • MuniMobile Smartphone Payment App Reviewed (SF Business)
  • New BART Train Cars Under Construction in New York (BART)
  • SFMTA Surveys Residents on Whether Illegal Church Parking Should Continue (48 Hills)
  • Millbrae Station Plan That Ignores Dangerous Streets Blessed by Planning Commission (Daily)
  • San Mateo Opts for 90-Day Instead of Two-Year Extension of Red Light Cameras (Daily)
  • Regulations Loosened for San Jose Airport Taxi Drivers to Accommodate Uber, Lyft (MercNBC, ABC)
  • Driver John Donovan Arrested After Intentionally Injuring Bicyclist in Marin (Gate, Merc)

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  • Gezellig
  • Yes, what the heck is going on with SFBC?

  • murphstahoe

    15 people are running for the board in a contested election. I consider that a very good thing. A lot of these organizations are driven by a small subset of key contributors backed by numbers from overall membership. Expanding that subset is a good thing.

    Noah will be missed, I hope this episode isn’t the driving force (though I hope any personal issues causing it are trivial as well).

  • CamBam415

    Here is an updated article with more details on the Tesla vs cyclist road rage incident:

    Granted it is a one sided story as the Tesla driver didn’t comment, but the Tesla driver sounds like he needs to go to jail for a long, long time and when he is out, he should never drive again.

  • gneiss

    This statement from the Police officer who interviewed him is priceless, “He was cooperative,” Barclay said. “He gave his side of the story and let us know what was going on. Based on what he had said, it was grounds for an arrest.”

  • p_chazz

    The question is, did Budnick jump or was he pushed. As I see it, Mayor Lee may have called for his dismissal (SFBC is practically part of city government) or else he quit as a result of the factionalism in the SFBC.