Bike Yield Law Passes Transportation Committee

SF Supes John Avalos, Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen listened to comment on the Bike-Yield Law
Supes John Avalos, Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen listened to comment on the Bike-Yield Law. Photo: SFBC

Yesterday the Land Use & Transportation Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to instruct SFPD to, in effect, allow cyclists in San Francisco to treat stop signs as yields. The proposal will now go before the full San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Dec. 15.

Supervisors John Avalos and Scott Wiener voted “aye” on the proposal, with Malia Cohen voting “no.” However, Cohen suggested she could support the ordinance if it were amended to become a pilot program, applying perhaps only to the Wiggle, a popular route for San Francisco cycling commuters. The law was written in part as a response to a crackdown on cyclists along the route.

Mayor Ed Lee has vowed to veto the law and Supervisor Norman Yee is opposed. Six supervisors are co-sponsors. So the support of two more of the 11 supervisors is still needed. Cohen’s “no” vote in committee suggests that won’t be an easy lift, at least not without modifying the bill.


SF Board of Supervisors Rules Committee

Agenda and schedule Appointments: Jerry Lee, SFMTA Board of Directors Scott Wiener, Metropolitan Transportation Commission Malia Cohen, Association of Bay Area Governments Executive Board 1 seat on the San Francisco Health Authority 5 seats on the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

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