Today’s Headlines

  • Options for Removing I-280 and Routing Caltrain to Transbay (Hoodline)
  • Golden Gate Transit Cuts Routes (SFBay)
  • Developer Picked for San Leandro BART TOD (BizJournal)
  • Reasons for High Speed Rail Price Fluctuations (Bizjournal)
  • More on Kearny and Clay Scramble (Hoodline)
  • More on Tiny Condos in Hayes Valley (SFist)
  • More on Overpaid SFMTA Citations (NBCBayArea)
  • Elderly Motorist Hits Pedestrian on Sidewalk (SFExaminer, NBCBayArea)
  • Gilroy Cyclist Hit (MercNews)
  • Asphalt Addicts Celebrate More Road in Burlingame (SMDailyJournal)
  • Pedestrians Playing Russian Roulette with Trains (Kron4)

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  • the_greasybear

    “Developer Picked for San Leandro BART TOD” is behind a paywall.

  • jd_x

    I wish they would just remove 280 all the way back to the 101 interchange. Seems like a no-brainer to me since that provides an appropriate way to absorb that traffic. Likely will cause more congestion on 101 (at least in the short-term), but long-term motorists will re-adjust and use alternative options … including, of course, the new HSR/electrified Caltrain!

  • RichLL

    “Likely will cause more congestion on 101”

    You’re not kidding. 101 is often jammed north of that interchange even with significant traffic leaving 101 there for 280.

    I-280 also provides an alternate for traffic heading for I-80, where the congestion can be even worse.

    The idea of removing the 280 spur is that HSR will lighten traffic on both 101 and 280. But removing 280 without the certainty that HSR will be built into SF would be a risky move. The projects cannot be separated.

    In any event, unlike 101, it’s a federal highway and so not a local issue.

  • murphstahoe

    The embarcadero freeway was 480

  • RichLL

    I never said that federal highways cannot be removed. I said that it is not a local decision.

    In your example an earthquake happened, as with the now-demolished spur of 101. The decision to rebuild a destroyed freeway (like with I-880 in Oakland) is different from the decision to remove one for non-structural or political reasons

  • Jimbo

    removing 280 would be disastrous for traffic, and who wants even more and more traffic on surface streets interacting with pedestrians. both 280 and 101 are jam packed at rush hour (which is becoming longer and longer).

  • p_chazz

    it was State Route 480. The interstate designation was removed in 1968: