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  • Jeffrey Baker

    Hey I’m pretty impressed that the NBC article about BART actually says “a bistable switch that conducts electricity when the gate receives a current trigger.” They’re really treating the public with an unusual amount of respect there.

  • mx

    The “honest tweets” story has been amazing to me. It’s literally a national news story that a transit official told it like it is about the system’s decay and lack of maintenance. Imagine if such frankness was the norm.

    I am curious what the BART meltdown means for the bond measure they’re pushing. Clearly, they desperately need to replace and refurbish a great deal of infrastructure (well, they needed to do it 10 years ago, which is the big problem here), and that’s going to cost a ton of money. At the same time, it’s going to be easy for some voters to say “give those incompetent fools more money? No way!” and vote against it, especially since a BART bond needs a 2/3rds majority in multiple counties to pass. This would obviously make things worse and lead to a further transit death-spiral. I’m not sure what BART does to convince voters, many of whom are non-riders, that the money will be well-spent.

  • Elias Zamaria

    Yeah. I’m not sure how I would describe it to non-engineers, but I have to say I can probably come up with something more understandable than that. Maybe “a kind of switch or amplifier, that is kind of like a transistor, but designed to handle big amounts of current.”

  • lunartree

    They did some pretty extensive polling to figure out the size of a bond that would be acceptable to voters. They seem pretty convinced that it will pass, but yeah if it were to fail we’d be in a tough spot.