Today’s Headlines

  • First Bike Lane Coming to Tenderloin (Hoodline)
  • Tenderloin Condo Project Approved with Bike Parking Only (Socketsite)
  • Students Approve Mandatory Fee for Transit Pass (KQED)
  • Sunset District Gas Station Owner Resists Infill (Hoodline)
  • Planning Commission Discusses Density Bonus (Socketsite)
  • Good Samaritans Grab Alleged Hit and Run Driver (SFExaminer)
  • Lawyer Group Gives Recommendations to Menlo Park to Improve Housing Woes (AlmanacNews)
  • Menlo Park Advocates Drive Less and Take Other Steps to Reduce CO2 (AlmanacNews)
  • More Details Discussed on New High-Speed Rail Route (MercNews, CBSLocal)
  • Did Governor Brown Overstep by Increasing Greenhouse Gas Cuts? (SMDailyJournal)
  • Editorial: Don’t Tear Down San Jose’s Historic Train Trestle (MercNews)

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  • Henry

    Trolleybuses to make final run on Van Ness in mixed flow traffic today; y’all invited to ride the very last one

  • gneiss

    Another story on the changes to the roadway design on Twin Peaks:

    It looks like litigation is driving the changes to the roadway configuration to some extent. What’s amazing is how the outdated notions of “safety” are being touted by neighbors and other people who don’t want any changes to the current car-centric design. The blatant greenwashing of their position (“As it is now, hikers, cars and bicyclists are able to access every inch of that figure eight, which is the beauty of Twin Peaks,” she said. “To take that away is a loss — an extreme loss.”) is all the more disappointing. No one is talking about removing access. All that is happening is that cars, buses and trucks will no longer be able to drive on one side of the roadway. That’s it.

  • murphstahoe

    We must defend the right of drivers to drive on a road with mixed traffic while gazing off into the distance instead of at the road

  • I was at that SFMTA meeting, a neighbor arguing for the project. (The news report was slanted in a certain direction.) My take is some people hate change. It doesn’t matter what the change is, they’ll argue against it, even if it requires them to say how much they enjoy walking next to cars.

    But the pilot project to open the east side of Twin Peaks to bikes and peds only passed! Once it’s implemented this summer, I encourage everyone to take friends up there and enjoy the new car-free open space. If you fancy walking, from the east, there’s a lovely, relatively car-free hike you can make from the Castro Muni station (takes about 30-35 minutes). Here’s a description, “Conquer Twin Peaks and Stand on the Rooftop of San Francisco:”

    Or you can take the 37 bus to Crestview and hike just the last little bit. It’s also a pleasant hike from the Forest Hill muni station. If you’re up for it, climbing Twin Peaks can easily be combined with a hike through the Mt. Sutro interior greenbelt. (There is a connecting path that goes right by the base of Sutro Tower.)

  • Ted King

    It’s a temporary shutdown for various upgrades. Details from the SFMTA website :

  • Henry

    Hence ‘final run on Van Ness in mixed flow traffic’ – after the BRT is finished, trolleycoaches will return to operate in the dedicated lanes.

  • Ted King

    (OO-OO) Just providing a missing link. (OO-OO)

  • Henry

    Sorry, didn’t mean to come off as terse. I really appreciate you providing some background to this, and wish I should’ve done it before I published my initial post.

  • Ted King

    No problem. Just a little humor between anthropoids.