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  • San Francisco Supervisors Vote Could Boost Affordable Housing Requirements (SFExaminer)
  • Condo Infill Coming to 23rd and Clement Parking Lot (Hoodline)
  • Urban Air Market Returns to Hayes Valley (Hoodline)
  • South San Francisco Streets Need More Light (SMDailyJournal)
  • People Behaving Badly: Cars Driving in Bike Lanes (Kron4)
  • San Mateo Council Debates Renters Protections (SMDailyJournal)
  • Mixed Use Development Proposed Near San Mateo Caltrain (SMDailyJournal)
  • Uber Liable for Driver “Accidents”? (SFChronicle)
  • Rating Marin Transit and Other Infrastructure (MarinIJ)
  • State Dems Want to Spend $1.6 Billion on Housing (KQED)
  • Editorial: Fund VTA Operations to Get Ridership (MercNews)

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  • I’ve only seen you use it.

    Of course “should I choose to ride in the bike lane or should I choose to ride on the Embarcadero Promenade” is one of those places where is is perfectly legal and reasonable to make a choice of safety.

  • jonobate

    I don’t. The reason you should be banned is because you are preventing far more interesting discussions from taking place by contradicting everything anyone says. I want to see more expression of different opinions, but you’re creating an environment where that cannot happen.

  • RichLL

    Sure, there are really three issue here:

    1) Is it legal? Most road users and pedestrian ignore that when it suits them

    2) Is it safe. That trumps everything else but does not confer general immunity

    3) Is it considerate. And biking on a sidewalk is not – nor is parking in a bike lane.

  • RichLL

    Nonsense. You can have all the interesting discussions you want. Contributions prevent nothing

    Your real motive hear is to silent any dissent to your world view. I don’t know about England but here our very first amendment to the constitution was to relish free speech because it makes us all stronger, and is nothing to fear.

  • jonobate

    There are about 50 posts by yourself on this thread, all restating the same tired point. With so much noise, how can anyone else contribute to the discussion? It’s like trying to talk while an air-raid siren is going off.

  • jonobate

    I’m not from England.

  • RichLL

    I manage to ignore posts that do not interest me. Why can’t you?

    The simplest way to stop me responding to you and refuting you is to not utter posts that are so easily refuted.

  • RichLL

    I thought you said you were before. Apologies if I misunderstood.

  • gneiss

    Oh? So tell me – how different are bicycles from people walking when compared to the difference between cars and bicycles and pedestrians?

    Let’s think about how they are similar first:

    1. They don’t travel fast – most bicycle riders go between 10-15 mph, the speed someone runs

    2. They weight between 25-35 lbs, so aggregate weight of a bicyclist and 160 lb person is 185-195 lbs.

    3. They are vulnerable – not surrounded by tons of metal they will likely be injured in any collision.

    So – please, enlighten me – what makes a person riding a bike so different from someone walking or running, rollerblading or on a skateboard for that matter?

  • RichLL

    I think you are correct that pedestrian see cars as a bigger threat than bikes. Cars have killed maybe 200 people in the last 5 years and cyclists have only killed 2.

    Even so, don’t you think that the best solution is for these very different modes of transit to be fully segregated? And that cyclists should not seek to deter what might otherwise be a key ally?

  • jd_x

    “It is not clear to me why my quiet enjoyment of the walkway there should ever be disrupted by a vehicle too lazy to traverse the road.”

    Stop this over-dramatization. First, I’m sure you agree that, regardless of the letter of the law, a car and a bicycle are very, very different (from mass to speed to power used to having senses impaired) and lumping a bicycle into “traffic” on the path is completely ridiculous and over-dramatic. The danger to a pedestrian from a bicyclist riding on the mixed-used path on Embarcadero is less than the danger to a bicyclist forced into the terrible bike lanes on Embarcadero (go check statistics for this). This isn’t about “lazy” but about people (bicyclists) who are treated as second-class citizens on our roads and given dangerous conditions so that others (motorists) can have convenient (and safe) conditions. Everyone would love to have a protected bicycle lane on Embarcadero, but until that happens, the risk to pedestrians from bicyclists on the mixed-use path (which is a small percentage, and then the vast majority are hardly riding faster than a jogger) is a non-issue in SF.

  • Really impressed with the coverage and focus on learning about what is happening in the San Mateo Council Debates Renters Protections story.

  • Chris J.

    The pattern seems to be that he always has to be the last one to respond. So if you reply to him, he will always reply back to have the last word (even if it’s to repeat exactly what he said before). Hence so many posts.

  • als

    But when do you bring your Mom along?

  • I’m one of those anal types that really chafes at seeing someone drive around traffic in the median/bikelane, ride through stop signs/lights, salmon, wave samurai swords at church, walk out into the middle of the street on red, etc. I feel concern for people that do dumb-but-not-illegal things like walk around staring at their phones, etc. but I think the blame goes on the rule breakers.
    I saw a local Nextdoor post where a woman told us to be careful at night–her brother was wearing black at night and got hit and killed by a car. She blamed her brother, called the driver to make sure he wasn’t feeling bad. I guess this was the one guy who’s day it was to drive the speed limit and pay appropriate attention while driving and we really couldn’t do anything but blame the victim. (I was somehow able to pull some restraint out of somewhere and didn’t comment on Nextdoor.)

  • The Embarcadero designates separate space for MUNI Metro trains, general vehicle traffic, bicycles, general vehicle parking, pedestrians only, and a mixed-use path area for pedestrians and cyclists.
    Not sure if skateboarders are allowed anywhere in there.
    (And of course there’s the various City and Port vehicles that go wherever they want.)

  • Alicia

    We don’t “fear different views,” we just roll our eyes at you and your ilk who are contrarian for the sake of being contrarian and constantly make dumb comments. That’s not the same as fearing “different views.”

  • murphstahoe

    Yes – under my nom de plume “RoyTT”

  • gneiss

    Yes, now I remember – this poster has a significant problem with bicyclists on shared use paths. That account was banned before for arguing the same point over and over again on sharing space with bicyclists on the panhandle.

  • Kolo Jezdec

    Why do you fear allowing others to see all of your posts? I would think you would be interested in sharing your views with all and sundry.

  • Cynara2

    They can and do kill pedestrians. Try running down the sidewalk at fifteen miles an hour and slamming your two hundred pounds into a 100 pound person. Try it on your grandmother. She will surely enjoy it.

  • mx

    The intent of the law is also that cyclists shouldn’t run over pedestrians on any type of path. So what’s the point of this discussion exactly?