Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Area Residents Plan to Leave over Transportation and Housing (SFGate, EastBayTimes, BizJournal)
  • Gator Student Transit Pass Clears Referendum (SFBay)
  • Minor Muni M-Ocean View Line Crash (SFExaminer, Kron4)
  • Are Google Buses Regularly Breaking Traffic Laws? (NBCBayArea)
  • Caltrain Tweets Go Sarcastic (SFGate)
  • Fight Over Skinny Hayes Valley Development (Socketsite)
  • SFBarf Pushes Suburbs to Go Dense (SFChron)
  • Man Falls from Cable Car (SFExaminer, Hoodline)
  • Corte Madera School Crossing Kerfuffle (MarinIJ)
  • Another Entitled Traffic Causing Motorist Wants Bicycles off Streets (MercNews)
  • Bayview Gets First Starbucks (Hoodline)

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  • “entitled traffic causing motorists?” Give me a real public transit system that competes with my 15-minutes driving commute and I would gladly swap my car for a cushy seat on a train.

  • murphstahoe

    OK – tell the government to build that train instead of more freeways and parking

    Crickets… crickets…

  • SF Guest

    You need not worry about building more freeways unless you mean toll lanes.

  • Rogue Cyclist

    Speaking of nauseating development (or the lack thereof) around BART, I had a chance to see plans for the Livermore extension over the weekend. Didn’t know that the line is going to end in the I-580 median instead of Downtown Livermore. Such a waste.

  • jonobate

    Yeah, that was because NIMBYs in Livermore didn’t want “thugs” from Oakland having access to their downtown. So instead we get a freeway median station that goes against every regional policy on sustainable growth and transit oriented development.

    I really hope this project never gets funded. It’s not worth spending billions just to save Livermore residents 6 minutes of drive time when going to BART. If you need to, build more parking garages at Dublin/Pleasanton BART instead. It’s still bad, auto-centric policy, but it saves several billion dollars that could be used on better projects.

  • murphstahoe

    That was because the guy who owns a bunch of land near the proposed station in the 580 median lobbied to get it put near his land so he can develop it as cookie cutter burbs.

  • jonobate

    I hadn’t heard that explanation before, but it’s totally plausible.

  • RichLL

    I don’t know if your thug theory is correct but I did hear that as a reason why Marin didn’t want to come in on the original BART.

    But if BART ran focus groups in the Livermore area asking local residents whether they’d prefer a car-friendly station or a downtown station, then it would not surprise me if a majority favored the former.

    The reality is that there is little in the way of public transit that far out, and there are limits on parking downtown. People are very spread out there, so the number of people who could walk to a downtown station might not be high.

    So you may be correct that it “goes against every regional policy on sustainable growth and transit oriented development”. But in order to get local support and funding for this extension, you really can’t afford to ignore your customers either.

  • murphstahoe

    100%. This whole canard about “this subway will allow black people to come here and steal our precious bodily fluids” would be goofy 3 decades ago, let alone today. “thugs” have cars anyway.

  • jonobate

    There were definitely statements about “thugs” made by people opposing the downtown extension, specifically by former BART board member now full time busybody Robert Allen, who went door to door collecting signatures against the project. I’m also not surprised to hear that some well connected person had a financial interest in an Isabel/I-580 location as well.

  • njudah

    It was used to great effect in the 1960s to get San Mateo County to pull out of BART courtesy of Bohannon Development (who built the Hillsdale mall and was fearful of people not shopping at his mall but instead in SF). It is stupid as f, but it is a very powerful tool to use and a key part of certain political groups’ power today. When you hear a suburban politician talk about “fiscal responsiblity” he’s really saying “don’t spend money on THOSE people…”

  • murphstahoe

    Nailed it. Very Trumpian – it’s not an actual threat but someone who wants to kill or alter the project for other reasons will fire up groups of people who are easily duped into believing there is a real threat. In the 60’s it was trivial to pull that off, but clearly it’s still simple to do – people complain about welfare queens getting $20 in food stamps and spending it on Cheetos, but ignore the rampant graft of billions.

  • I have told my local elected officials to push for better transit. Do you really think that I want to spend an hour on two packed MUNI buses instead of driving 15 minutes? You can.

  • Yes, in spite of BART pushing for a downtown station, locals feared for the worst and instead favored a sprawl-inducing station miles from downtown. Before long you’ll hear them whining about traffic back ups worse than what they have now and a downtown that no one wants to visit. You reap what you sow.

    Best of the best…a mother stating that her teenage daughter was having nightmares about a train station being built downtown which would bring in all kinds of unsavory elements.

  • RichLL

    Democracy means delegating decisions to a majority, even if that majority happens to disagree with your own personal idiosyncracies, preferences and biases.

    If Livermore wants a suburban station then why would you expect them to listen to someone in SF who thinks they know better?

    The people who will pay the fares are entitled to decide.