Today’s Headlines

  • Motorist Hits Cyclist on Market Street During Bike to Work Day (SFExaminer, Hoodline)
  • More on Bike to Work Day (SFWeekly, SFist)
  • The Importance of Bike Counters and Data (KQED)
  • BART Taking Steps to Quiet Trains (SFGate, Kron4)
  • BART Board Approves Contract (EastBayTimes, CBSLocal)
  • More on Transportation Funding Shortfalls (SFist, CBSlocal)
  • Money Approved to Replace Rods on Eastern Span of Bay Bridge (SFGate)
  • Inititive to Lift Development Restrictions on Hunters Point and Candlestick (Socketsite)
  • Details on Burlingame Broadway Grade Crossing Elimination (SMDailyJournal)
  • San Mateo Launches Bike Share (KQED)
  • Golden Gates Ferries to Improve and Speed Passsenger Loading (MarinIJ)

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  • the_greasybear

    A motorist runs over a bicyclist at the peak of rush hour in the rush direction, right on Market Street in the heart of downtown San Francisco, in full view of hundreds of passers-by and just yards from the Bike Coalition’s ‘energizer station’ on freakin’ Bike to Work Day.

    No scenario could better illustrate the harsh reality of this city’s negligent bicycle infrastructure, watered-down improvement plans, and disingenuous civic ‘leaders.’ Other, better cities have ‘Vision Zero.’ Our city is stuck with Zero Vision.

    I hope Streetsblog fully covers this story–the medical status of the victim, the legal status of the perpetrator–and holds City Hall’s feet to the fire until they prioritize the lives and safety of San Franciscans who travel by bicycle over the convenience of those who travel by private automobile. Talk is insufficient. Action is required.

  • gneiss

    SFPD driver fails to signal, runs into cyclists on bike to work day:

  • mx

    This guy is in the comments of the Hoodline article. Apparently he’s sort of ok, but injured. That’s a hard hit on the video too. I hope someone from the SFBC is aware of this incident as well.

  • gneiss

    Worse still, according to the cyclist in the comments the officers involved apparently lied about the incident by attempting to claim their lights and siren were activated when they moved out of the turning lane. I hope this video makes it to the prosecutors office.

  • thielges

    Looks like the police officer also failed to turn on the left blinker before moving out of the parallel parked position.

  • thielges

    Wow, it looks like the companion event to BTWD day was in full force: Harass or Endanger a Bicyclist Day. I saw four incidents of motorists harassing bicyclists during yesterday morning’s commute: Tailgate honking and passing unnecessary close . That’s four more incidents than I normally observe in a day.

    This makes me wonder whether there was a higher than average amount of anti bicyclist vitriol on talk radio yesterday morning.

  • jd_x

    Holy s**t. This is unbelievable. This needs to go to major media to show the kind of unbelievably unsafe bicyclists put up with all the time. It also needs to go to the SFMTA to show them why this damn paint is not safe; we need truly protected intersections. And we not need cops who not only don’t cause such accidents but are out there enforcing dangerous motorist behavior that endangers bicyclists Not only does SFPD not try to protect bicyclists and is blatantly biased against them in collisions with motorists, but they are the ones causing collisions (this video) and creating unsafe conditions (e.g. double-parking in bike lanes).

    I would love for SF Streetsblog to follow-up on this story with SFPD and SFBC and elevate it. If there is no punishment for the cops pulling this illegal (and the video makes it clear the cops made an illegal move and are 100% at fault), then how can we possibly expect bicyclists to ever get fair and safe treatment in this city. And, it would also be another reason the police chief needs to go; he has done nothing to improve the bias against bicyclists in the department (not to mention the many other problems that have occurred under his watch).

  • Jeffrey Baker

    He’s not parallel parked. At the beginning of the video he makes a U-turn, then enters the right-turn-only lane with his right signal flashing. Then suddenly he lurches left across the bike lane.

  • How about being concerned about everyone’s safety…bike, ped, auto, transit…and coming up with solutions that serve the needs of everyone who uses the communal road system rather than just your “kind.” That’s typical SF mentality…completely self-centered.

  • How about Harass of Endanger a Pedestrian Day. In a two block stretch I saw two dozen cyclists blow through 4-way stop signs (blow, not roll) regardless of traffic ROW or peds in the crosswalk.

  • thielges

    You’re right. Still, the officer should have signaled before this maneuver. Doing so would have provided the bicyclist a better chance to avoid the collision.

  • Martijn

    Blinker or not, apparently he does not check his blind spot. maybe he got his drivers license with a carton of milk.

  • mx

    No. Cyclists Harass or Endanger a Pedestrian Day is on the last Friday of every month starting around 6ish.

    Alternative snark for those who might dislike the first one: Harass or Endanger a Pedestrian Day is every day in San Francisco. All are welcome no matter what non-pedestrian means of transportation you use.

  • mx

    Signaling would have been nice, but looking where he was going before aggressively changing lanes is pretty darn important too.

  • murphstahoe

    presumably those cyclists then came back for more, ran the pedestrian over, and then grabbed their pink tasers to go after the witnesses.

  • thielges

    It is more than “nice”. Signaling is required by law in this situation.

  • mx

    The Chronicle has more details on the Market St crash, which they are reporting as a road rage incident where the driver intentionally slammed into the cyclist after some sort of argument. Apparently she’s been booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon and the cyclist is expected to survive, albeit with a “fractured back.”

  • mx

    Sure. I just meant that signaling is simply a part of safe and proper driving, while looking around your surroundings before you accelerate several tons of metal is a basic part of trying to avoid killing people.

  • murphstahoe

    A video of a cyclist getting nailed and you say “yeah but what about the peds?”

    Who’s self-centered?

  • RichLL

    BTWD is nothing like Critical Mass. The former is a light-hearted celebration of bike-riding. The latter is an overtly aggressive, self-serving political act designed to offend.

    The question that thielges raises is a reasonable one – why were there more incidents and accidents involving bikes on BTWD given that, unlike Critical Mass, it does not set out to deliberately inconvenience and delay other road users?

    I suspect the answer is just a reflection of the extra congestion caused by having a disproportionate number of bikes on the roads. But, importantly, disruption is not the specific intent of BTWD.

    If there were 5 times the number of bikes on the road, might that explain why there were 5 times the incidents? No need for a conspiracy theory.