Today’s Headlines

  • Masonic Avenue Streetscape Project to Break Ground this Summer (SFExaminer, Hoodline)
  • SFMTA to Close Bayview Bike Gap (Hoodline)
  • SF Officials Oppose Lowering Fines for Illegal Right on Red Turns (SFExaminer)
  • Rec and Parks Ends “Picnic Reservations” for Dolores Park (KQED)
  • Designs for Oakland Auto Row Development (Socketsite)
  • Woman Arrested in Connection with Union City Hit and Run on Cyclist (MercNews)
  • SUV Stops on Train Tracks, Mother and Daughter Killed (SFGate, EastBayTimes)
  • Editorial: Aaron Peskin on the 100-percent Affordable Alternative (SFExaminer)
  • Editorial: Browns Affordable and Dense Housing Proposal will Destroy Quality of Life (MarinIJ)
  • Op-Ed On Rec and Park Decision to Rescind Dolores Park Reservations Plan (SFExaminer)
  • More Weird Stuff on BART (SFGate)

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  • alberto rossi

    We should be banning right turns on red, not tinkering with the fine

  • RichLL

    Right turns on red are already illegal unless you come to a full stop. And if you come to a full stop and then turn if and only if it is safe and clear to do so, then there is no risk or problem.

    The issue here is what the fine should be for making that turn without stopping. The ability to turn right on red is a state law. While SF can make specific exceptions to that default, the city cannot give itself a blanket exemption from state law.

    The city can change fines and enforcement priorities, as we saw recently with the proposed bike yield change that ultimately failed. But not change the law itself.

  • “Right turns on red are already illegal unless you come to a full stop.” So what you’re saying is that right turns on red are not illegal at all, but that you have to come to a complete stop at a red.

  • murphstahoe


  • RichLL

    Correct. Alberto seemed to think that banning a right turn on red was an option for the city. It is not, but the problem is not as widespread as he claimed, as I thought I explained clearly. Do you disagree?

  • So: Right turns at a Stop sign are already illegal unless you come to a full stop.

  • RichLL

    Yes, you continue to be correct. Alberto’s suggestion is redundant for the reason we both agree on.

  • p_chazz

    Capitol Corridor train #532 was “annulled” as a result of the collision in San Leandro and passengers were bused to Oakland where they got the next train. I don’t understand why people whose vehicles are stalled on the train tracks don’t get out of their vehicles once the crossing arms start to descend.

  • davistrain

    To some people, the car is an extension of their being. The idea of being outside of the car except at their destination makes them feel “vulnerable”.