Today’s Headlines

  • Union Responds to Muni Driver Assaults (SFExaminer)
  • More on Polk Ban of Chain Stores (SFGate)
  • SF Has Billions in Budget, but Can it Deliver Good Muni and other Services? (SFChron)
  • Rate Rude Muni Riders (SFGate)
  • More Indications of Softening Real Estate in SF? (Socketsite, BizJournal)
  • Audio Art Installation Coming to UN Plaza (Hoodline)
  • Caltrans Awards Funds for Transit Improvements (MercNews)
  • West Coast Cities Discuss Climate Change Efforts (SFGate)
  • Sonoma Marin Train to Start Simulated Operations in Sept (MarinIJ)
  • Tiburon Reformulates Bike Trail Plan (MarinIJ)
  • Editorial: BART Bond Needs to go on the Ballot (MercNews)

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  • Andy Chow

    ‘Conspiracy theories erupted, on the assumption that Santa Clara was being cut from the BART plan. But nobody in their right mind would want that.’

    I want that, because building a redundant rail line is not the luxury that we have. We have already asked FTA to contribute many millions to upgrade and electrify Caltrain, and we think that FTA is going give millions again to build a rail line that completely duplicates existing service, station for station, when there are many more transportation projects worthy of funding throughout the Bay Area and the country? Give me a break. This article may make sense as long as the fact that it duplicates Caltrain is not mentioned at all.

    Actually no one with the right mind would expect that somehow this portion would not be dropped. VTA already has a history of cutting transit projects. If FTA tells them to drop it, would VTA say no? Would Mercury say no?

  • thielges

    I think the motivation for the Santa Clara station is to enable endpoint operations. There’s a large brownfield space right next to the existing Caltrain station that was expected to become a maintenance yard for Bart. I’m sure Bart could operate without a Santa Clara Yard: most existing endpoints don’t have any extra facilities. But it might mean more expensive long term operations due to increased non-revenue movements.

  • murphstahoe

    when you say more expensive, how long until we amortize out the construction…

  • jonobate

    The motivation for the Santa Clara endpoint was to set BART up for future northward expansion along the Caltrain ROW. Now that Caltrain is breaking ridership records and HSR wants to use their line to access SF, the chances of BART replacing Caltrain on the peninsula are slim to none, and turning back north after serving Diridon becomes increasingly pointless. BART should instead think about heading west from Diridon to Cupertino if they have an eye on future expansion.

  • Andy Chow

    The yard can be built without the station, and you would only run trains to/from the yard as necessary, not every 7-15 minutes even with just a couple of people on the train. It is estimated that portion would cost $7-13 million a year on operating cost, similar amount can be used on Caltrain to enable 15 minute BART-like service all day.